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18 December 2007



I've already commented over on RockaCandy, but Toure was an ass. That guy should get cut off from all media access from this point on.


I have to give it to you Rod, you keep all the bases covered, even for us old guys who have no idea who either of these guys are :).

Derrick from Philly

Actually, Luther, Rod introduced us to these two HipHop "love birds" a while ago. Omarion is the sweet one with the muscles and long hair. BowWow is the little red one with the big mouth...notice how he gets louder the closer he gets to his bodyguards--oh, "she's" a diva! If I had to guess which one is the "bottom" well,...no, they're both versatile. They don't have these strict divisions among the youth (that's probably why they're so damned confused). Don't need confusion in gay bedrooms.


Toure's sense of self-importance has been out of control for years. He don't know shit really ... I don't blame them for walking out. Good for them. :-)


Derrick, I just googled the two of them, and, let me say, Bow Wow, is more than enough to make this almost 50 year old gay man, run out and buy his records and posters and put them on the walls in my guest bedroom, just in case he ever shows up at the door, what a sexy little guy he is!

Top, bottom, versatile, or any way he likes, I'll be able to accomodate, some perks come with age ya know, like being flexiable in case you get lucky with the children, LOL!

Andy in Seattle

To quote the great Gay playwright Robert Patrick's play POUF POSITIVE, "Sure, Doc, I'm a 'top,' ya can get it further up you that way..."


"Don't need confusion in gay bedrooms."

Believe me, there are some of us 30-somethings and older that are versatile and there is no confusion whatsoever in the bedroom..it just makes it more interesting. One never knows what is going to happen.

Robert Jones, Jr.

Am I the only one who finds that whole thing completely fabricated for the camera?

tyler grey

Luther, why did you Google Bow Wow and Omarion? Rod has separate categories for each of the "pop tarts" that are regularly updated with stories and photos.

While we're on that subject, I must say the Omarion and Bow Wow posts here are fabulous. Let's show some love and support for the happy couple, right Derrick?"


Self-important pop culture television journalist and seasonal EGRET Toure'......
#1 Is this the "colored" punks pilot for BET? #2 Are both Bow Wow & Omarion voices still in pubescence or is this the work of
Amiyah Mizrahi?


I'm with Derrick, I need a man who knows his role because I know mine. I don't like flip-flopping in my fucking just like I don't like it in my politics, lol. Get on top and work like you know that's where you belong, LMAO!


Know your role?

My role is whatever feels good that night. One-trick men (bottom or top) bore me to tears. Do you not have any imagination????? A man, in my opinion, knows how to give AND receive :-)

taylor Siluwé

Bow Wow to Toure: You ain't fresh azimiz!

I always thought Toure was an asshole. Though I'd really like to know the back story here and why he intentionally was disrespectful. There must be a reason. Maybe BowMarion made him wait too long or something. Who knows.

But Bow Wow calling security was a hoot. LOL!!!

'Don't mess with my man! Don't mess with my boy!!'


Oh I've got imagination Jag, and my tricks are hardly boring ... lol.


Toure was disrespectful because it was supposed to be a spoof interview, where he is intentionally disrespectful in order to get some laughs. But, Bow Wow and Omarion did not know that it was a spoof interview. Toure thought that they could take a joke. They certainly proved him wrong.


i've dislike Toure since he first opened his mouth. i wish someone would've spit on him. or at least slap him.

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