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27 December 2007


Kai in NYC

Benazir, in fact, was a extremely corrupt, unpopular straw(wo)man the US attempted to foist on the Pakistani people. All the propaganda we've received about through the US government and US media concerning her should be held has HIGHLY suspect. Of course her assassination is terrible; it is a terrible and undeserved death for anyone. Check out the following article (from the London Review of Books) tracing her legacy by someone who knew her intimately. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v29/n24/ali_01_.html

A. Ronald

Kai, I have to disagree with you.

First of all, Rod specifically mentioned that Bhutto and her husband have been implicated and charged with corruption, although in a country that regularly imprisons and executes the opposition, the charges are relative.

Secondly, Bhutto was far from a "straw(women)". She was elected twice. Musharraf seized power in a military coup and has been coasting on American largesse. That's your straw(man).


Thanks so much Rod for posting this, as one who follows politics around the world, and, especially women who can rise up in countries that usually oppress them, her death saddens me big time. And it irks the heck out of me that Mushariff and his cronies in DC will allow it to go without anyone ever being prosecuted for it just like he sham election in a couple of weeks. The hypocrisy of this country and its determination for so called "democracy" which is only good if the US can get something out of it, and, of course wasted billions propping up despots, just like they did with Sadddam Hussien, the Shah of Iran, Marcos in the Philippines, and, the list goes on and on, until they are no longer useful.

Rest in peace Mrs Bhutto.


a sad and disturbing development.

thanks for running the gamut with the coverage Rod

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