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03 December 2007



This is extremely disturbing, to say the least. I'm from the Newark area and indeed there are a lot of men on the Adam4Adam website from this area and I have some friends who hook up with people frequently. And when I say hook up I mean that night. And it really worries me after this and the Michael Sandy case. And this young man Larry Bland, like Michael Sandy will go largely unnoticed because of who he was and the nature of the crime. Damn shame.


It's disturbing indeed. I lived in the Newark area as well. It's sad that people have to violently loose their life over a hook up on A4A. It's even more upsetting that the there really isn't an outlet for black gay men. For some, A4A is all there is.

I was thinking of returning to Newark. That may change now that I know there could be reatliation by law enforcement if I ruffle feathers while seeking protection from antigay idiots.


That is very disturbing. Very sad story. My prayers remain with his mother. She's grieving...and I think she could only do what she could for her son. Sadly, it wasn't enough to save his life. Hopefully closure and justice will rest on her side.

Mz. Perfect

This shit has gone crazy, no matter what he did and who he liked who was he/she thinking when they took that mans life. They are not God who in the hell are they to decide if a life is tobe taken. I know he did not do nothing that bad for someone to kill him. To the mother of Larry Bland stay on the police and make sure that they do something about the death of your son, because if you dont it's just going tobe another black man that just got killed to them. And one more thing if I was you I would investigate the room mates if I was you. I going to pray for you and your family for the lost of your son just be strong and everything is going tobe ok.

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