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01 December 2007



Those rates are scary and unacceptable, and, its going to have to be people in those areas pleading with these people to pratice safe sex, since, it's obvious that they still don't understand the ramifacations of sex without condoms or mulitple partners.

I'm totally baffled at the rates of infections in 2007 that keep getting higher and higher, and the quickness from HIV to full blown AIDS.

But, just how do we as a people get this word out in a cohesive way?


I live in DC and I am not shocked by this. The black men here are NOTORIOUS for being DL, which explains the heterosexual contact thing. The dude i was dating last year slept with a woman and got her pregnant - I was so angry I didn't know what to do. I was just glad we practiced safe sex when together. I can kind of understand why black women are paranoid after having gone through that situation. So if you live in the District you'll hear this kind of shit on the regular. The black clubs have become nothing more than hideouts for cowardace married negroes to do their dirt. Then my friends wonder why I've hardly had any sex at all since I moved here. It ain't even worth the stress, drama, and risk. If you roll through the District you better wrap it up, because most of the men here are whores and have no moral compass. It may sound jaded, but it is what it is.


No matter what every man you sleep with is HIV+; the only way to be sure is to get tested receive a negative claim; lock both of you away in a closet (no sexual contact) for 28 days and get retested again with a negative status claimed. Now you can have "unprotected" sex.

I am shocked at how many "negative" men are playing unsafely and feeling relieved when they test negative. These are the same gay men who ignore and diminish HIV+ men. There is an entire subculture of HIV+ men who are not drug users or reckless; they made a bad decision once. But the rest of the loving, warm, supportive and understanding gay community does not want anything to do with them. Well maybe if they are VERY attractive like the gay from Project Runway or some other status symbol that distracts from being HIV+. In other words you have to have a lot going for you to be counted again in the popular group.

The rate at which bareback porn is being produced and consumed is alarming because so many gay men enjoy watching it but proceed to have a negative view of HIV+ men. The videos cast a shadow on a group of people that is not entirely true and no one wants to be that beckon of light to the community. Do you think that all HIV+ men want to have bareback sex? To the men who are HIV+ it is not permission to make a fetish out of cum. You have a responsibility to yourself and the greater world because we are all connected.

Furthermore I would think that gay men would have dealt with the issues around HIV+ and "dating" someone who is HIV+. This is NOT the case at all. Far too often a gay man disclosing his HIV status as positive and it is "bye bye". The rejection and isolation is very hurtful it causes people to long for a touch, sex or some other form of connection and lie to get it. The gay community has numerous men that do not disclose their status because of these reasons. The gay world has notions about how that person became infected; watching bareback porn does not help your view of an individual and rejecting someone only bring the disease closer to you through lies and deception.

In closing, my question has always been what are you doing that is so unsafe that you would get infected?


I have to agree that I've been stunned by all the bareback porn that is circulating now. It seems in the last year or two, I've seen more of that than I ever thought I would. Up to that point, everything I'd seen where that was going on was produced in the late 70s or early 80s. Not after 2000! Even after the whole thing with all those Flavaworks dudes testing postive, if you look at those sites like Xtube people are still commenting on how fine they are and how they want to screw them with no condoms, etc. I'm like what the hell? I think people just don't care in a lot of cases. As far as dating somebody HIV+ ... I think I would. In fact, there's someone in my life now who I care for so very deeply who has HIV and I would love to be with him, but I haven't expressed that. My own fear of rejection is a bigger issue than his status honestly. The way I look at it, at least you KNOW - you know what I mean? Think about all the people we've probably been with who have it and we didn't know.

Overall, I have been very surprised by the amout of guys who practice unsafe sex. They recently did a survey of gay men under 25, and like 40 percent of them said they had had unprotected anal sex in the last year. Very scary ...

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