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31 December 2007



It certainly is morally convenient for Huckabee that he is straight. He can be “right with God,” but with absolutely no effort whatsoever. What a stroke of good luck for him!

It certainly is fortunate for Huckabee that he is a white Southern Baptist male. He can enjoy all the rights and privileges that our laws are supposed to entitle all of its citizens to, but with absolutely no effort whatsoever. What a stroke of good luck for him!

It certainly would be a boon to all of us in America if Huckabee became president. We could live under a leader who is a friendly, “aw-shucks” man of the people and yet who will protect us from the faggots and the brown people of the South and the colored people from the other side of the tracks...and with absolutely no recourse whatsoever. What a stroke of good luck for us!

Andy Niable, Fagnostic

The term "compassionate conservatism" is really giving that old war horse (and newly reminded) "Military Intelligence" a run for its money for greatest oxymoron...

J. Kuul

Hello. I'm new here and live in Finland and have been what you call "lurking" for several months.

This is a wonderful blog. I love the political posts, the writing is spectacular, and, it's great to see the many African American gay men portrayed in a positive manner.

Back on topic: What are Huckabee's positions on race relations?


This is a train of thought that many so called "straight" people have, and, it does not bother me since the majority of people on this planet seem to feel this way, as why in the world would anyone chose to be gay? And, Lord knows, you want it worse, try being black and gay, outcasts in two communities as a whole.To be hated, loathed, discriminated against, and, in some places put to death for a choice? Only through the ongoing education of us and our lives will they ever learn, progress is being made with the younger generations, but, to the older ones, it is a much harder nut to crack, no, pun intended.

J Kuul, as for his race relations, especially with blacks, I feel better with him on that issue than any of the others running, other than Richardson, since he seems to be one of the few to admit there is even a problem and that every thing isn't hunky dory after only 40 years of laws on the books to end the institutionalized racism that is still rampant in this country.

Derrick from Philly

Huckabee's views on sexuality and civil rights for sexual minorities are to be taken as seriously as his last name. But politions like him are dangerous. Their manner, style, and vocal delivery are so appealing that you don't realize for a while that they are religious zealots with a world view bordering on lunacy. He is an ignorant religious extremist, and an American right-wing facist. Don't we already have one of those called Bush?


You know Derrick, ALL of them are pandering to the religious fanatics with this nonsense, why? Because they get out and vote of the praying folks. It has amazed me the low numbers of minorities, of color and white gays who don't even bother to go to the polls on election day. Apathy is why this man and the rest of the GOP ilk, and, Democrats as well, since none of them have a real moral compass are allowed to run in these way too long, way too expensive races for the Plantation House in DC.


I love the comments that are left on this site. There is real intelligent discussion. I cried when I found out Huckabee won in Iowa. I can't believe (but really I can) that people are supporting the same old Republican trash as last time..

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