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14 December 2007



I know, like any good American, I'm just supposed to think about sex, but having just left Trenton, where it was 27 degrees and snowing, I look at Mr. Lee in his jockeys and bare feet in that impossible-to-heat loft, and all I can do is shiver.

(I guess a while back, Derrick had a similar reaction to some ad on this site showing some near-naked guy splashing under a waterfall or something.)


That's funny. I don't see any heating problems in that loft at all!

greg g

What a beautiful man, something very nice to climb under the covers with and enjoy the winter months.


Too skinny. I like men with some meat on they're bones. But that's the fashion world.......

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Jim:

Rod always thrills us with beautiful men on this site. They've been so many I can't recall most (except Mr. Reggie Bush, the most beautiful man in the world). The guy above has some sexy feet though. The older I get, the more I like feet...and I aint 'shamed of it either. It'd be nice if a decent human being were attached to the feet, but it aint necessary.


How could that beautiful specimen of a man NOT win?

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