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29 December 2007



Bush won, not you!

He got an extension of the current program, not the Socialist expansion that you and other wards of the state wanted.
Go get a life and actually produce something instead of sucking the life out of your neighbors (via the state).


cool, very hot, it looks like you really know what your are doing, good for you


On the Barack Obama thing, I have a feeling that all this work will be futile. I have a feeling all, if not most, of Barack's White "supporters" and Hilary's supporters as well, will end-up voting for John Edwards, not because they feel he's the right man, but because he's not Black or a woman.

People, if this happens, I urge you not to vote in 2008. We may act as one big family in the Democrat camp, but in truth, I don't think White liberals will vote for a Black man ro woman. As a form of protest, I urge you to not vote and let them know why. If everytime we take this nonesense from these people.


^^^ Maybe the children "won."


A. Ronald

Zeus, I'm sorry but that advice is ridiculous. Not voting is tantamount to casting a vote for the Republican. You don't stay home from the polls to make a symbolic gesture.

That's the craziest advice I've ever read on this site. Most of the readers are more intelligent and know what is at stake.

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