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13 December 2007


Derrick from Philly

Well, maybe in the Lena Horne movie they'll create a decent sized role based on Hazel Scott. She was Lena's contemporary, and the only other black star to be signed to a long term movie studio contract(at that time). Give the darker skinned black actresses something to do! Jeez, no wonder some black folks can't stand us yellas, amd it's so unnecessary.

In the Bush picture, doesn't it look like the little brother is saying to his classmate, "go on and talk to the fool, girl."


Its amazing that Bush still gets his way like a spoiled litle brat, amazing, he will make sure that kids in Iraq have health care but, not kids in this country, and adults for that matter?

And, sadly, next year, this public will put in another GOP clone of him.

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