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14 December 2007



I wasn't too impressed with Oprah's foray into politics, she really remionds me of a momma confessor for white soccer moms, but do you think she will help deliver the black vote for Obama in South Carolina? Or everywhere?

greg g

Is that a photo of Hillary praying? CLASSIC!


Actually, she's testifying to the wayward ways of black presidents.

Derrick from Philly

I'm really proud of Will Smith. To go from the streets of West Philly (well, he was never poor) to become one of the top stars in movies...with his big luscious caramel buns. (It's Monday morning, y'all. I get sleezy when the alcohol is wearing off.)


Who cares what Cane Clay thinks? The concept of Will Smith being the last man on earth is intriguing to say the least!!! As long as I'm the other last man on earth and somehow he brings his phyne self down to Chelsea from Midtown. Besides I love german shephards.

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