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24 January 2008


Andy in Seattle

If there's a brokered convention, Al Gore could always walk in at the last minute and sweep up the delegates...

Gore/Obama would be an amazing (and winning) ticket.


Damn, if only he'd run again! But the upside is, when we do finally get a Democrat in the White House, he'll mos def be appointed to a major cabinet position.


Where was all this when he was running for President? I love that he has come to this point and after having won the Nobel Peace Prize can use his new platform to spread such a positive message. I wish he had done it sooner but you know, we all have to go through a learning process.


Isn't it more important to focus on the now and the future? The Democratic Party wasn't there in 2000, or, even 2004. Slowly, opinios is moving there and Al Gore is the conscious of the party.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it as a wise man once said. He wouldn't be saying it if he was running for President. But like I said, I am glad that he is using his new platform to do good things.

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