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15 January 2008


Derrick from Philly

I'm with Steven Blank (and I think Rod, you would've done the same thing): I wouldn't ask that man a damn thing about his "personal business". Let him be. Just let me gaze upon and enjoy what he be.

My point is some men are not gay, or even homosexual, but they don't mind gay and homosexual men enjoying them. "Duh, Derrick that aint nothin' new." Yes, but the pressure to "out" folks is fairly new, and it isn't necessary-- UNLESS the "outed" guys were homophobes who speak evil out their mouths against the evil activity of gay guys, but secretly they enjoy doing that same "evil" with their mouths & dingdongs.

Andy in Seattle

Agreed, Derrick. We get worked up (and sometimes the visuals alone get the blood pressure goin) and we wanna claim sexy, masculine attractive men or beautiful women as belonging to "the gay community" because they accept our attention (and even our cash in industries of gay-interest) but then refuse to "come out," even when they themselves may not actually have a same-sex orientation. It's shallow and silly to get so snipey with entitlement.


vegan athletes and bodybuilders.. now we are hearing Rod bring some Real Talk to 2008.

If you want to be as strong as the bull, you dont eat the bull, you eat what the bull eat!

Man I got real respect now for Alex. Wellness, fitness, sex, life itself -- everything is so much better when our bodies arent turned into morgues -- when we aint eating all that suffering, pollution, massive waste of water and resources, and workplace racism of factory farms and slaughterhouses.


sorry paco, but homeboy's body looks rather hormone induced - winstrol, boldenone, or something. otherwise, it would take a hell of a lot of nuts and protein bars to maintain his muscle mass. vegetarians/vegans who have any type of musculature tend to be tight but lean. his personal story may be inspiring and fuzzy, but i'd be more apt to consider him an unfortunate, unintentional contributor to body dysmorphia disorder among lots of (mostly gay) men who want to emulate his physique.

roids or roots, the boy hot!


to reiterate, alex castro is damn hot.

that is all_

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