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25 January 2008


Andy in Seattle

This gawking game is sure a lotta fun for us, but when the break up comes (and eventually it will).... ain't gonna be purty.


It's always something with those two. They might as well just come out now. I don't see how it would even hurt them. If anything it would boost there record sales! I mean really who listens to the music. young boys and girls. Now a days no one gives a s**t...


Your innuendo has me in stitches!


I am baffled by this masterpiece talk. I am sure the album is ok for the pre-teen/teen set. the idea of an r&b singer and a rapper making an album is not really original (Jay-Z & R Kelly anyone?). If you ask me the most successful thing Omarion has worked on is that perky phatty bouncin around in those jeans (and more recently, slacks) . . . . .

Chris W

Oh, these reports are just too funny. How do you even find them?


Bow Wow and Omarion might as well come out. As you say Rod, even Ray Charles can see all that!


I think Bow Wow is more invested in this "relationship" than is "O." I think O will be the first to "move on in a different direction" when this whole party settles.

Derrick from Philly

I believe you're are right, IsleZues. Just like the Great Queen Latifa, Puff Diddy (whatever the fuck his name is nowadays), and Will Smith, that Omarion has higher goals in sight. But Lord, as Rod showed us, he sure can wear some dress pants. Oh, he makes me feel young again! and it's 1979! I love me some Omarion...even though I've never heard a thing he's sang... or rapped, or whatever y'all describe these young folks do.

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