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16 January 2008


justbthat.com | jonathan perry

thank god it not like that is South Africa...cuz i would have been under tha prison...lol...

thas really bananas how we live in a society that dictates laws based on individual discomforts as opposed to the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happYness...the right of man to live existentially is natural right not a legal one.


I worked with an emigre from Cameroon. While he was a kind and Christian person, as soon as someone at our place of employment clued him in that I was Gay/Bi whatever, he became impossible to work with as his views were like the article indicates, and he felt that despite his "Good Christian Status",(R.C.) he had no problem in spewing hate filled comments while behaving like he was forced to work with someone unworthy of his Christian good will. And then stated that I was only in my position due to laws that protect your kind. sad and very unpleasant. He actually took a swipe at me with his backhand , knocking my glasses off, yet management found in his favor, not enough evidence.
America, love it or lump it.


Ugh, when will these corrupt governments on Africa get off the anti-gay rhetoric and, now doling out prison time, and, get to the serious issues that affect the continent???? I guess it will be a long time, since, the only thing they seem to have is looting the economies and ignoring the suffering and took a page out of the US, gay bashing is good to hide the real problems.


These governments are trying to find a scapegoat since they can't find a remedy for other social ills that face them. The Ugandan and Zimbabwean authorities are doing the exact same thing and yet AIDS is decimating their population. Corruption is plat du jour and crime is rife. In order for the little people to think that someone in authority is doing something, they've got to punish these "deviants" whom they consider to be the major cause of their misery. Ugh!

Derrick from Philly

The US, Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal& Holland could stop this bullshit if they really wanted to.

Ritchie: I find your story really disturbing. I'm glad you are much more of a man than that idiot from Cameroon you worked with. I wish you could have filed criminal charges for assault--you know, scare his ungrateful immigrant ass a little. But like I said, you are more a man than he is...and me too 'cause I woulda' cut the bitch from the Motherland. And I wonder if your other co-workers are some triflin' bitches(male & female) too.

Dean: your story gives us hope about immigration policies here.

Andy in Seattle

I'm curious, Dean, under what administration was the immigration allowed? I believe it was under Bill Clinton that persecution due to sexual orientation was added as a reason to immigrate into the U.S. I wonder if Bush changed that?

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