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30 January 2008


Lorenzo B

My favorite Jill Scott song is "My Petition". Some people think of it as dated because she wrote it for Pres. G-Dubya, but the lyrics make it stand for just about anyone that has done/is doing you wrong. I had the opportunity to see Jill sing live twice and look forward to seeing her again soon!

C.L. Kennard

My favorite song by Jill Scott has got to be "Cross My Mind". That song just makes me feel the giddiness and excitement of when you're infauated with someone. It, also, makes me feel warm thinking that my partner of 8-1/2 years would be sitting at work thinking about me while humming this song. Who wouldn't want someone to think of them in this way? It's just pure, honest love. What ever happened to that?


My absolute favorite Jill Scott song is "The Fact Is (I Need You). We, as black men, are often reminded of the almost non-existent role that we are playing in today's black family. But never has the urgency of that situation been communicated so minimally and creatively than by Ms. Scott. Every black man in earshot of this tune has to feel compelled to take a self assessment of the breadth and width of their role at home, or lack there of. Jill makes it very clear that money and material can never replace the presence of the black man in the lives of those that love, adore, and need him. This track isn't that of an angry black woman, but it's that of a genuinely concerned, compassionate human being. She makes it subtlety clear that that compassion and concern is needed in our lives just as much as we're needed in theirs.

J. Perkins

Jeffrey Lanier Jones

I am such an avid Jill Scott fan, so it is hard to choose which song I like the most. However, the one that really inspires me and really gave me joy when I first heard it was "Golden". It is such an affirming and life altering song that always encourages me to be the best that I can be in all that I do. I really like the line, "I hope that he (God) is proud of me" really speaks to the way I aspire to live my life, a life that honors God. This song is a pivotal that is so sincere and authentic that it really motivates me every time I listen to it.

Mad Professah

Sorry I missed the deadline. My favourite Jill Scott song is from Words and Sound, Vol. 1 called "Love Rain" with "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)" a close second.

I heard "Love Rain" on Garth Trinidad's radio show on KCRW months before the album dropped and was like "dayummmmmmmmm, who is that?" I really don't think she has surpassed some of those tracks on her first album, although "Rasool" on the second album would be close.


I might have missed the contest deadline, but I wanted to share.
"The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Vol. 3" is the first Jill Scott CD I've ever owned. I don't even think my mama ever owned an album of hers, although I know of all the singles and some I've heard/heard about from family and friends.
Anyways, I heard "Hate On Me" a while back and that's really got me going. I'm in college and finally feeling like I'm going through all these formative times and memories, and that song helps me through and just fits so well. So yeah, while there have been some good ballads, that song's inspired me most.

DJ Johnson

I'm a huge fan of Jill Scott and I credit her several years ago for making realize "good music isn't dead".

Choosing a favorite Jill Scott track is like asking me to choose between hearing or seeing but one song that I love for many reasons is Can't Explain. This song contains classic themes of karma, awakening, learning and appreciation of the one you love. The beat is infectious and its torch song aspect is on point.

I so cannot wait to get my ears wrapped around this new cd!

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