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15 January 2008



This whole process is just awful, only the rich can run so they can protect the rich. Mitt the android went in and told bald face lies, i.e. that he can bring jobs to Michigan, well, in the make believe world so can I since we all know, the car industry is never going to be what it was before in that state.

The whole GOP side is as much a turn off as the democratic side, and, the main reason for me, is that they totally ignore 12% of the population as not worth their time or energy, and, that's the black vote, mind you not that I or anyone I know would vote for them, at least show some half hearted appeal to show that you care for all the citizens of this country.

Andy in Seattle

The NeoCons showed their hand when Cheney--unsolicited--himself asked to give the commencement address last year at BYU, so clearly Multiple-Choice Mitt is their choice for the next Puppet-in-Chief.

As for the Democrats "totally ignoring" the black vote--that's hardly the case, Luther. Perfect they are not, but they have made efforts at inclusion and a broader campaign other than the GOP fearmongering and roboting chants of USA! USA!

What exactly, Luther, could the Democrats do that would satisfy your desire at political demonstration of enfranchisement? Details please.

Chris W

Luther, I've read your comments in several other threads and am frankly confused. Maybe I'm just assuming that most of the readers here are fellow progressives. But haven't you said you like HUCKABEE or RON PAUL?

You and several other commenters consistently attack Democratic candidates. I'm not sure why. The Democrats were debating black and brown issues last night. The top tier Republican candidates have consistently refused to appear before black audiences. And then there is their record with Katrina, housing, hate crime prosecution, Jena ... The Democrats are not perfect but they're much better on race relations than the Republicans. Unless you just care about tax cuts. Then just vote Republican and get over.


Chris, I don't like any of them, now that Richardson is out, and certainly not any of the Republicans and, in all likelihood won't vote at all, its a sad statement, but, not one of them is worth a vote, mor of the same stuff, different face, and, in my state which is never going to vote in a Democrat to begin with, it won't be a vote that's lost, and, since I'm an Impendent, who has to admit I do like tax cuts, I can't vote in the primary anyway, and, to be honest, I would have voted for Obama, even though he does not excite me all that much, but, he is better than the others, and, who knows, if he gets on the main ballot, I just might vote for him as I have never not voted in any election. Clinton? No way, local issues only.

Ron Paul? That bigot? Sorry, anyone who has the gall to say that the civil war never should have been fought, is hardly someone I would vote for. Huckabee? His views on race are better than most Republicans, although his putrid anti-gay stance is too much, so, nope, no Republican for me.

And, I'm not attacking the Democrats, to many this is the best filed ever, I guess it all depends on how old a person is and how many elections you have seen.

On the race issues, did Hillary denounce Andrew Cumo on his comments about Obama's political style being "shuck and jive." I didn't care for her to begin with, but, with her minions spewing off, including her man, it reflects on her. Sorry, but, the Democrats, while a teeny weeny bit better on race relations aren't all that either. And, the way they dance around and weesal out of gay issues, which to thier credit they will "discuss," not all that much better on that either IMO.

Derrick from Philly

I think Luther was saying he disliked the Democratic Party as much as the Republicans. It's the Republicans he accused of ignoring black people; the Democrats take us for granted. I've heard this point of view many times. I believe that the Democratic Party recognizes African-Americans as an essential part of the party--they simply look to so-called "leaders" to convey that to the rank-n-file. In other words, Jesse Jackson, Harold Ford, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Gov. Patrick Duval, etc. are supposed to spread the word that, "The Democratic Party is for you." At the Democratic Convention in 2004, Al Sharpton gave a great speech explaining why black folks vote Democrat. He basically said, while Democrats may not offer all the help we deserve, the Republicans offer nothing except contempt. They also chose white racists support over black people's votes for decades now. And unfortunately it's won them elections; BUT that may be about to change.

My problem this year has been with Barack Obama's message. My friends tell me that Barack cannot talk about warfare with the conservatives, he has to talk about "everybody coming together--conservatives and liberals/red states with blue states" Well, I understand that, but I hate it. I hate that message because I hate conservatives. Hillary started her campaign by attacking the conservatives--and I like that. So, I'm stuck in a truly uncomfortable dilemma: I don't like Barack's message, but I must vote for him because he's a Black Democrat (with a real chance to win the nomination), but I don't believe a black man can win the general election.

Rod wrote the other day that it was "tiring" hearing black gay men appear to want a "safe white male" to vote for. Brother, you don't know how tired the situation has made this life long Democrat feel.

I'm under pressure to vote for a Democrat who says, "lets make friends with the conservatives for the good of the country." Who's country? Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma Mississippi, Utah, Idaho, Indiana etc. aint my damn country.

Oh, Lord let me calm down.

Chris W


Please accept my apologies if I came across as harsh. I'm reading previous comments and realized that I confused you with someone else.

You make some very good arguments about the dilemma of liberals and progressives who live in red districts. I can understand your concerns. I live in a bright blue state and a bright blue district so my perspective is somewhat different. It's between Clinton and Obama in the primary. I could go either way.

And yes, Rod has reported several times on Huckabee's good positions on race. He's obviously too far right on social issues, gay rights, HIV, etc. Interesting how the Republicans hate him so much.


Derrick, you summed it up in a much more coherent way that I did, thanks! I guess that I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired, voting, and never seeing change. Sick and tired of not having any representation for issues that concern, as a black man and a gay black man, and, most of all as a black American. Sick and tied of being told that when its a black "issue" that its whining and get over it. Sick and tired of how Africa is ignored all the time, no matter which party is in the WH.

So, all in all, just over both parties. I'm still not 100% Obama, but, he will get my vote if he is the candidate, maybe its symbolic, maybe its for that change is keeps talking about, or, an ode to my ancestors who could not vote for anyone, even that "safe white male."

And, Chris, no worries, I do tend to ramble, its old age!!

Andy Niable

Okay... so if we don't get the perfect candidate, or even if we dont get any candidates we LIKE, we should... sit out the election and let the Christo-fascists sweep another dullard like Mitt-bot or Huck-Quarantina or worse into power?

How does NOT voting keep bad people out of power or do anything positive? How does staying OUT of the democratic process do anything good?

Luther, of course you're sick and tired, and many people like you feel the same way. I just can't agree with throwing the baby that could be the future of a better (or at least not at bad) tomorrow out with that awful bathwater of the past.

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