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03 January 2008



My Militant Gay Agenda includes:
Marrying the man I love
Creating economic opportunity for everyone willing to work hard in my community
Respecting the differences of those that don't agree with me
Giving praise to God for all that he has given me
and I believe in three things:
Free Minds
Free Markets
Free Society
When will our present crop of candidates adopt a simple philosophy and tell me what their vision is for the Post 9-11-2001 world?


Well, I guess blacks would have been to easy for him with his faith, so, go the Bush way and hit gays no one cares if you hate them when running for office, too bad he left out those others he hates, 'actvist' judges who think that those militant gays deserve fairness under the law.


OBAMA FOR AMERICA!!!! FIRST STOP IOWA; NEXT STOP 1600 PENN. AVE :-) Take that pundits lol

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