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16 January 2008


Andy in Seattle

Oh, it's just soooo amusing when grown men, who passionately follow these elaborate rituals constructed so males can touch each other, get SO bent out of shape because a freeze-frame from one of those games appears in any way to be demonstrating affection. So telling, scaredy-cats.

Chris W

What did Shakespeare say? "I think the lady doth protest too much ..." There are a whole bunch of undercover LADIES that are protesting too much.

Bradley Jax

Proof that straights are more obsessed with gay sex than the gays.


1. They're either scared because it turns them on

2. They possess the vainly mistaken assumption that gay men want to have sex with them. That fat nasty Kentucky hill jack somehow thinks that every homo wants to bugger him. When in fact he should take comfort that nary a one of us would look once, let alone twice.


Some of these so-called straights clearly see gay when there is no gay.


I think that's just white guys in the th. They see two black men hugging and they are upset that they weren't included.


But, that picture IS hot!


Just one correction Rod: These ARE THE LOUISVILLE CARDINALS that are embracing. Their coolors are red and black. They lost that game to the team in white and blue which is Seton Hall.

Rod McCullom


The teams playing were the University of Louisville Cardinals and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. This was the annual "Battle of the Blue Grass."

Please read the linked article.

Don't Be Silly...

I don't think this has nothing to do with being gay or straight, instead, it's an action of excitement, a reaction of something spectacular that happened. That's my call, although I didn't see the game. Come on y'all...don't be so picky.

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