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10 January 2008


Derrick from Philly

Interesting. There was some talk that the "old guard" of the Democratic Party would work behind the scenes to stop what they may consider to be a "too risky" presidential nominee. I'd like to hear from Democratic governors in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, WAshington, etc. Do they believe a black man or a white woman can really carry their states--Kerry barely carried them. I'm still so skeptical and cynical about the Obama candidacy. I'm so f----king sick of this stupid fight with Hillary Clinton! Both of their asses are risky. It's nice that you idealist Democrats for Hillary and for Barack are runnin' the show right now. But it's startin' to get serious now. I'm no idealist when it comes to who will appoint judges to the federal bench. To hell with "change"-- give me judges who will stand up against Alito, Roberts, Thomas, and that sub-human Scalia: the four horseman of the Apocalypse.

Lord, the one presidential election year when Republicans are at their most vulnerable and Democrats want to take idealistic risks. Rove, Buchanan, Novak, O'Reilly, Robertson--all the right-wing bigots are laughing their asses off, "the Democrats choose to loose."

chris w

Derrick, certainly you aren't arguing the Democrats should nominate a "safe white male"? We tried that in 2000 and 2004, even found a war hero in '04 to run against George Bush.

The only candidates that are exciting the Democratic electorate are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and, to be honest, all they need to do is win the states that Kerry did plus one more. I have some problems with both Obvama and HRC but would be quite happy to pull the lever for either one. There are no "safe white males" that are energizing the Democratic crowds.

A. Ronald

Derrick, the new Democratic governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

The politicians who support Obama and Clinton are very passionate, just like their supporters.

Alan T

Kerry supporting Obama? That's riveting.


So are you saying the Kerry endorsement is a kiss of death? Seems like there has to be some upside, mostly from the Kerry email list.


has abosolutely nothing to do with this post but hey rod i love your brown too :o)

Andy in Seattle

Good god, Senator Kerry, just when I finally manage to get over your sick-ass performance in 2004 (which was yours to lose), you can't even stand up and make an endorsement when it might count, say on the eve of New Hampshire--that is if you REALLY wanted to help Obama. Or perhaps you believed the polls and figured it might help later, and you just waited too long. Either way, it is a bit buried in the news cycle already, isn't it?

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