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10 January 2008





This is hilarious.

chris w

Actually, Kobe looks kinda cute in those shorts.

Derrick from Philly

Not as cute as Dr J, Maurice Cheeks, and their whole generation used to look cute in them.

"Violated" hump! Kobe is full of shit, I mean, poo poo...with his rough doggy style humpin' self.


I love watching videos of the basketball games from the 1980s. Kobe should be so lucky.

Andy in Seattle

Oooo Rod oh no you di'int with that final paragraph! (you so bad)

"Do these shorts make me look naked?" No, Kobe, but your mouth is makin you look stupid.

Laker Girl

I'm sick of Kobe. He really thinks highly of himself.


What an idiot. Kobe and all of these young players are so insecure about their bodies. Give me Dr. J running down the court proudly with his big fro tight white 76'er shorts with jockstrap peeking out when he jumps to slam that red, white and blue ball in that net! Eat that, miss Kobe! Long live the ABA!!!!!!

justbthat.com | jonathan perry

kobe violated me too...then my alarm clock went off.

we should all think more highly of ourselves, i mean hell if you don't who will?

as for being insecure, i have no clue where that came from. I love my body, but if i had a body like his all my walls would be mirror.

I love your body too rod.


Some of my fondest childhood memories were of Earl "the Pearl" Monroe in them thigh-high, booty-huggin' basketball shorts. Wooo!

Then some knucklehead came up with those stupid calf-length "shorts".


Well blame the hip hoppers start the baggy jeans long shorts trend. MJ looks great in 'em tight short too.


I'm violated that he thinks he is it, when he isn't. The short shorts are hot, and, since they are only hot on the sexy men on the NBA, why is he worried. Sit on the bench if you don't like the shorts and do what he does best, whine, moan and complain, since he is never happy about anything.


I saw that game. Derek Fisher was the only one to wear them well and wear them right. All the others wore biker shorts, thermals, etc. under the shorts. And most of them did keep tugging at their shorts during that first half (but not Derek). Rod, dig up a pic of Fish from that night if you can.


Kobe is an asshole-idiot. Plain and simple.

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