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11 January 2008


Derrick from Philly

My friends, who are all Obama supporters, continue to astound me. How in the world can fifty-something year old black men (and a couple of queens) not remember how deeply embedded racism is in most white Americans? The Republicans salivate at the thought of Obama or Clinton as the Democratic nominee--probably Edwards too with his wild populist message. I'm tired of having my "black loyalty" questioned (actually, I don't give a damn 'cause most black folks, including Barack, don't give a damn about my faggot ass). Do I think a white male Democrat cares about me? Hell, no. I just don't want a Republcian choosing the next 3 appointments to the US Supreme Court, that's all.

I'm disappointed at the prospect of either Clinton, Obama or Edwards being nominated by the Democratic Party to run for president in 2008. Rove, Buchanan, Bush, Novak and all the rest of them right-wing racist motha' fucka's are delighted.

But as far as "being lazy" that bastard Rove worked for one of the laziest pieces of shit to ever occupy the White House. Did Baby Bush have the grades in law school that Barack Obama did? Was Baby Bush elected class president of his law school? Did Baby Bush give one of the most praised keynote speeches at his party's convention? Can Baby Bush correctly pronounce the word "nuclear" or a third of the words in the English language? Hell, no. Now, tell me again about lazy.

Deshawn Meza

Children, looks like the GOP, which has built its whole party plank on two issues, hatred of blacks and gays, is running ascarit, the race card is coming out, and, its going to be vile, so, it will be interesting to see how O and O handle it, along with all these so called other "color blind" people.

And, if the young whites who are some of Obama's biggest supporters will deal with this? Because, race is going to be a major factor in this race, no matter what polls are pundits say, this is still after all the USA, and, race is always festering below everything.

And, Derrick, child, I have to say, I agree, I have no interest in any of the Democratic candidates. I find Huckabee to be more interesting a candidate than any of the Dem's, and, that is indeed scary, as I have never even any GOP or politician on my tv screen.

And, Derrick, nothing wrong with being a Queen or that other word boo, just vote for whom you feel can best serve you as a black gay man and most of all American, even with the mighty slim pickings this year!


>>>I find Huckabee to be more interesting a candidate than any of the Dem's<<<

Perhaps you aren't familiar with Huckabee's views on gays, homosexuality, gay rights and HIV/AIDS? If not, go to the "Huckabee" category, Rod has been keeping track of everything Huckabee says on gays.

Shame on you.

chris w

I'm not sure how any black gay man--I'm assuming you're black with the name "DeShawn" and "child" this and that--can even open his mouth to endorse Huckabee's candidacy.

Huckabee comes across as reasonable and compassionate, and, not as rabid as a Romney or Giuliani. But don't be fooled. Look at his record and his positions on gays are very obvious. Huckabee is a Southern Baptist preacher and wants the nation to follow fundamentalist principles.

By the way, in case you don't know history, the SOUTHERN Baptist Church broke away from the larger BAPTIST Church over slavery. Guess which side they were on?

tyler gray

It goes without saying the Republicans will use every dirty trick in their racist handbook. It's a little naive that Obama supporters keep ignoring it when it happens. Let's see how it goes.


That's a great word that you choose to use to describe Rove's op-ed, TELEGRAPHING. Indeed, he is sending a message to the party faithful. This is what you say.


Why isn't Obama or the Obama campaign making more of this?

Andy in Seattle

Well written, Rod. I'd very painfully have to agree with Rove (and many others on both sides of the aisle) that Obama's dismissive "You're likable enough" remark (not just in words but also in delivery) was unnecessarily dismissive, and had Hillary said the same words in the same way about Obama... there'd be quite the chorus of criticism. But it's a slight mis-step in an otherwise fine performance in the debate, and he can learn from it.

Obama needs to keep sharpening his skills with the Rove machine waiting for him (or whomever gets the nomination) to start their campaign of dirty tricks and well-known "turn the strength into a weakness" strategy. So even if a lot of the blather coming out of Rove's recent outburst is silly at best and racist at worst, he carefully wove in a few criticisms that frankly might just have some validity.

So, O, learn, grow, continue to take the high road, continue the fight.

Deshawn Meza

Huckabee is no more homophobic than any of the others, none of them want gay marriage, they all dance around the question and, all pander to the so called Christians. He may be a homophobe but, he isn't as racist as the rest of the GOP appears to be, since he has spoken on the issue, unlike Mitt and Rudy one of whoms faith was built on racism, and, one whose actions as mayor of NYC terrorized young black men daily for years.

So, sorry, while, being gay is part of who I am, being black and Latino is what you see first, well, sometimes it is, LOL, and, for once in the past 8 years, it would be good to have someone realize that there are still a whole lot of issues on this race card that this country deals out daily, and, black folks at the bottom of the rung, so, who knows, maybe a real compassionate Republican might come into office, since I still don't see Obama or Clinton as winning, but, my crystal ball has been wrong before, but, if the dirty tactics of fear of a black man are used, like Rove has started, the public will do what they always do, vote GOP out of fear and hope they will be saved since black and male is still the worst thing you can be in this country to many who vote.

tyler gray

"Huckabee is no more homophobic than any of the others"

I think Obama, Clinton, Edwards, and possibly Giuliani may take exception to that.

Huckabee is more progressive on racial matters than much of the GOP. But it's very interesting that you would rather vote for the homophobic, southern preacher verus a black or woman Democrat who is better on race, health care, poverty and Iraq. And gay rights.

I love how so many blacks "don't see Obama or Clinton as winning." They're the two leading candidates right now. Pull the lever for either one (or Edwards) and hope for the best. But you have to help either one to get there. In the meantime, I'll let you alone with your dreams of a "compassionate Republican."

Bradley Jax

Everyone, please don't fed the trolls. They only come out when they are feed.

Which brings us back on topic: The biggest problem with Obama or his supporters directly addressing Rove is that means they are taking the bait. Then, we continue the race-baiting conversation.

Deshawn Meza

Actually Tyler, I did not say I would vote for Huckabee, I find some of his stands on issues other than the gay rights interesting, such as the tax issue and his views on race, since race is not a word used by any of the Democrats, other than in the churches, so, I see no harm in hearing what he has to say.

As for the not being able to win for O and Hillary, I would love for those who say they can show me how without winning one state in the South? Or a state like Ohio, which is going to be a tough one. There are millions who are fed up with the Bush regime of terror and war, and, yet, the two front runners don't excite them, whereas the GOP and that base of voters they have will come out in droves like they do in every election, and, if race is in the mix, even more so. The real issue will be getting out the vote of a public that as is at a point of just not caring. And, now, with the economy being at the front over Iraq, its a whole new election, and, a kumbaya, good feeling, I'm not Bush, can only go so far with either party.

Rod McCullom

"DeShawn": There is "compassionate Republican." That was George W. Bush's campaign slogan in 2000.

Your comments are an interesting mix of right-wing talking points and stereotypes. If you're a Republican, just say it, but you're still wrong. The voters are excited by Obama and Hillary. Each raised $100 million last year and poll competitively against the leading Republican candidates, almost all of whom have problems raising money and have failed to excite their base.

I've said enough. It's become tiring to read comments from black (gay) men suggesting the Dems nominate a "safe white male." Please share that KoolAid with Edwards (who failed to help win the South in '04), Kerry, Gore. Biden, Dodd, etc.


The one thing that is as offensive as Rove and his typical GOP race baiting, which is all they have for he most part, is Bill Clinton and his comments about Obama and the Iraq war, and, my still total disdain for him on the Rwanda genocide that he was in power for, so, he should be the last one calling out records. This whole idea that the Clinton's think that blacks will vote for her based on his being a "honorary" black, something, I still don't get since he did about as much for blacks as Bush has is at best ludicrous.

You know too Derrick, as a child of segregation myself , I guess that its hard not to remember just how short a time when racism was the law of the land and how nasty it was, and, while things are not as in your face a when I was a kid, racism is still alive and well, just played out in a different way, and, you tend to view the world in a different light than the young folks do.

I guess I must one of the few who is not impressed or excited here with Clinton or Obama, but, I've said this before, the one guy who I did like and, actually donated to his campaign is gone, Richardson, so, even though Bloomberg says he isn't running, maybe he can be drafted into this race, since they all leave this voter cold and uninterested, especially since Bush has done the one thing that has messed everything up on a grand scale, got the Supreme Court so far to the right, it will be next to impossible to get real laws passed and upheld to stop hate.

But, maybe with the new breed of Democrats, they can get the party base energized, and, that will help stunt the GOP which is already shrinking, since it offers nothing to anyone but the rich.

Derrick from PHilly

"It's become tiring to read comments from black (gay) men suggesting that Dems nominate a 'safe white male'"

Rod, I can't remember the Republicans being in such bad shape since 1974--right after Watergate. This is a opportunity for Democrats to gain not only the presidency but more Senate and House seats. It is also "tiring" to my friends to hear my views on this presidential race, but I find their idealism and "now is the time" hopeful attitude a little naive.

Oh, and Al Gore won the presidential race of 2000. In one of the most outrageous injustices in American history, the election was stolen. The institutions that run this country decided that "for the good of the nation" the results of that election would be ignored. They wanted order. The Supreme Court was the major culprit. I want a Democrat to choose the next three Supreme Court appointments. At this point, I hope that Democrat is either Obama, Clinton or Edwards. You see, many of us black gay male doubters hope are doubts are wrong.

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