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25 January 2008



While endorsements don't affect me, be it Oprah or anyone else, I will say that I am glad that the New York Times has written about Giuliani and his sneaky ass. Last night's Republican debate showed me just how manipulative (and frankly unintelligent in general) he is. I am also glad that everyone is seeing past that 9/11 mask of his. I don't know if anyone heard his answer to the "wet foot, dry foot" Cuba question. But he basically said that it had been implemented for 40 years. Which is interesting since "wet foot, dry foot" was initiated by Clinton in the 90's. You would think that with all of his campaigning with the very Republican Florida Cubans that he would've at least gotten that right.

Chris W

Rod's been on Giuliani's case for the past year. Can't say this was suprising ...


I do feel like those that are supporting Hillary Clinton are SEVERELY NAIVE, in their decision making. I mean this woman voted for the Iraq Resolution, which of course Bush used as a justification for war, which means she was fooled by George W. Bush, which means SHE WAS WRONG, and not only was she wrong she can't even admit it, secondly she voted for the Patriot Act and then in 2006 voted AGAIN TO RE-AUTHORIZE IT, she voted for the Iran Resolution WHICH IS THE SAME VOTE SHE GAVE FOR IRAQ! She refuses to negotiate with other countries where that are not our friends, which is basically the same tactic employeed by G.W Bush. In one debate she could not guarantee that all troops will be home by the end of her first term, her healthcare plan is NOT truly universal. Her plan, Obama's plan, and Edwards' plan all follow Richard Nixon's model or mandates and forcing employers to cover their workers which will hurt the average worker through layoffs, pay cuts, etc and I could go on

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