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11 January 2008


tyler gray

I mentioned this the other day so excuse me for saying it again and again. Your news "wraps" or great!

I recently discovered this blog and enjoy the content. It's great to read about everything from black gay film to politics to the economy in one sitting. Keep it up, my brotha!


$900 for gold, and $100 for oil, a housing slump that gets worse by the day, food prices rising along with utilities, and, a dollar that is as low as it has been in years, and a lame duck President who does not seem to know or care. I think that its the economy and not Iraq or anything else that is going to decide the election more than anything else.


I'm so glad Ms.Jackson is BACK!"Feedback" is of course the most play on my iTunes top 25 most played.Video I love of course.Can't wait til "Discipline" is released.

Derrick from PHilly

Great news about the NAACP and "Dirty Laundry". Really great news for an bitter doubter like me to see progress in black gay/black straight relations.


Janet is doing it. Get it girl.

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