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11 January 2008


Derrick from Philly

My sweet Lord! It's 1979 again, and Black American men are the most beautiful creatures on God's Earth. That young man is wearin' them pants!

REVKEV, I may go to church this Sunday 'cause mine eyes have seen glory late this afternoon.

chris w

Derrick, you ain't never lied! That boy is like FIYAH.

We luv ya Rod!


You know if Omarion and Bow Wow are a couple.. More Power to them... Its hard enough to find someone who loves you for you..I guess in Show business its even harder... And Yes he is wearing those Grey Slacks!!!


I am loving these Omarion and Bow Wow updates, keep them coming! Please!

And yes yes yes, he is WEARING those slacks

tyler gray

I don't blame him one bit. Omarion KNOWS the boys are loving his body.


Eric, no one here, at least in this post, made comments about Bow Wow and Omarion possibly being a couple. It was about Omarion's previous statements where he said he likes to wear tight jeans.

There is nothing but love for Omarion on this site. LOTS OF LOVE!

Andy in Seattle

(i'd tap that)

Rod McCullom

We'd have to fight over that, Andy.

Actually, looks like it's more than enough to share!

justbthat.com | jonathan perry

you should have seen him at the concert here in atl...rockin skinny's with a phatty.

disney is no longer the happiest place on earth omarion's pants are...ain't dat right bow wow! :o)


Bow Wow tappin' dat!

(Lawd, tell me there's a video.)

Bradley Jax

Omarion said he liked wearing his pants tight and he ain't never lied! You go boy! BOI!


yeah that is one magnificent specimen of gluteus maximus. and on a shawty too


Good gracious! I really think that I am in the Omarion fan club now. This is just unbelievable. I think that after this picture I am officially bi.


DEAD at the above poster (Jay). If you're not gay or bi, then I'm surprised that you're here.


I wish there was a back shot.


i would hit that forreal...


My boi lukin fyn as hell, omd he lukin so fyn..lyk always .. lol

its tru blak men r 1 of the fynest things in lyf....uhum bdw i aint even blak lol

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