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31 January 2008




Will Eric still be there since Edwards is dropping out? Thanks for letting us know about this.

Ryan Canty

hey rod! i will definitely be at home and will check you out tomorrow! :)

My Questions (For All of the Representatives):

1. Education: What is your alternative to No Child Left Behind? How will your presidency eliminate such a problematic Act which stigmatizes and polarizes children from working class/low income backgrounds? What are your plans for starting to improve (as best you can) the state of public school education in America?

2. Universal Health Care: What specific plans do you have for providing health care to ALL Americans in this country? Will you follow similar plans used in countries like Canada, Great Britain, etc. or will you implement your own? Any ballpark figures on how much it will cost Americans? If you have no plans on universal health care, what about plans to provide health care to ALL low income/working class individuals i this country?

3. Hate Crimes: What legislation will you provide for hate crimes? All hate crimes, be they racial, sexual, religious, etc.?

4. ENDA: Will you keep current ENDA policies or will you improve them? If so, how?

5. Civil Unions vs. Gay Marriage: Which do you prefer and how will you ensure that laws will be written to protect LGBT folk who want their relationships recognized by law? Will you implement laws that protect the widows and widowers of such unions and marriages in situations like: being able to take over property in wills, caring for children, etc.

6. War On Terror: How will you rectify the OBVIOUS mistakes of the Bush administration in his mishandling of funds for the War on Iraq? How will you strengthen ties to countries in the middle east now that Bush is leaving office? Will you build bridges/create allies with countries who disagreed with Bush and his administration (Syria, etc.)

7. Don't Ask/Don't Tell: Will you continue to use this policy? or will you change it and create something that will respect and value the lives of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered men and women who are serving for our country? If you are creating something new, what will that legislation be? And if you aren't, how will you improve upon what's already there?

rob a

I'd like to hear their positions on AIDS funding.


Chris, seems like this was posted early this morning before the Edwards announcement.

In terms of questions, I'd like to ask the Obama campaign how they plan to bridge the faith and LGBT communities.


I’d like to ask the candidates why should those of us who would like to purchase a home vote for either of them?

Why are they proposing and supporting legislation that is designed to prop up the ridiculously high prices of homes?

Do they believe that homes are reasonable or affordable when the median prices of homes in many areas are 5 to 10 times median household income for the area?

The current housing market is the result of people agreeing to pay much more than the fundamental value for houses and much more than they could actually afford to pay. Now there are few people left who are willing or able to agree to spend 50% or more of their income on shelter. Why prolong the inevitable deflation of the housing bubble?

In my area houses with an asking prices of $400,000 - $500,000 rent for $1400-$1800/month. How many people would pay $3200-$4000 a month to buy a place when they can rent it for half of that?



I cannot listen but good luck!



I cannot listen but good luck!

law of attraction audio

You made some excellent points in that last post on the subject. I find this a really interesting yet sometimes difficult to understand subject. Another guy writes really well on the matter, can’t remember his name at the moment though.



Is there a place where the show can be listened to?

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