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15 February 2008


Andy Niable

(heavy sigh)


I (Black American) have been to the Bronx Club with my Black (African) partner and found it very unwelcoming ... we didn't stay long.


Well I'm in the DC metro area and the gay population in the city is extremely segregated. There are few so called "black" clubs and the clubs that cater to white people are very unwelcoming. Although people don't get turned away at the door (everyone loves to collect a cover charge), the patrons are very clear about their preferences. It's sad . . . but at the end of the day, I'd rather be with my friends doing something else than being snubbed by anyone.

Derrick from Philly

Philadelphia is as segregated as any other American city. The gay communities here are also segregated. The problem is Philadelphia does not have black gay entrepreneurs who to try to open black clubs as I'm told y'all have in Atlanta, DC, the boroughs of New York.

I was carded at a predominately white gay club in 1978, and I was only twenty so I couldn't get in. But I've never really wanted to get in. I get along with white gays in non-bar/club settings. But not too much contact, except for these blogs. These are usually self-identified "liberal white gays". I have had very little contact with the other kind. Therefore, a lot of the animosities and resentments that my friends have toward white gays, I don't.

But hell, I haven't really enjoyed myself in black gay clubs either. The fellas never found me sexy--no, the black gay brothas didn't like me; but that was never a problem-- 'cause when I left the club the rough street TRADE loved me.


Go to any major city in the US as a black gay man, and, you will get treated differently, New York and San Francisco being the worse, with L. A. right behind them, so, this comes as no surprise that its going on in South Africa. Black still isn't the color of gay clubs want, only if you are doing something they can dance to, or as once happened to me at a club in L. A. years ago standing in line with a Latino friend to see some black singer that night, and, a white gay co-worker came out of no where and straight to the front of the line, the buff, blond type the idolize and who was a close, dear friend of mine, and, saw me in the line, and told the guy to let us in, that was totally odd since we were way at the back of the line, but, it showed how they really work. I saw the show, and, never went back, but, on trips with him and his man, also, buff blond type, and, me the black guy who wwas let in only because I was with them, it showed me the two gay worlds, and, boy, are they different.


Derrick, your post is getting me reminiscing about gay clubs. I’ve spent many more hours than I’d care to tally up in gay clubs—black, white, Latino, and fully blended, and not only in New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, and DC, but also in Augusta, Macon, Dothan, Columbia, Albany, Tallahassee, Jackson, Greenville, and Gadsden, to name a few such small towns. But the sad truth is that most of the clubs were not very much fun most of the time.

1) Gay men have been rejected all their lives for reasons that are superficial. 2) Every oppressed group loves to imitate its oppressor. Put these two facts together, and what you have is gay men trying to gain self-esteem by rejecting each other for reasons that are superficial. And that’s what most gay clubs are all about.

There are black clubs that are friendly and many that are shadeful. Same with white clubs, just different music.

Although I’ve never been into what I would call trade, I’ve met many more good men outside the clubs than in, if only because I could actually have a conversation with them and they weren’t drunk. And maybe because some of them didn’t like being rejected, either.


"Being white;" "whiteness;" "white
privilege" are all symptomatic of mental illness.

Except for those praticing such behavioral 'acting out'of their delusional perceptions and those continuing to be co-dependent to their mental illness by yielding one's own worth, sanity, self-determination and self-identification, 'white' does not exist as a real ethnicity but rather as a tool of insanity.

Whiteness, as a lack of pigment, melanin, like cold being the absence of heat or darkness being an absence of light, doesn't exist on its own, but only in its lacking what is, that being, colors of all sorts.

I have walked out of bars in D.C., after Black friends were discriminated against and the one doing it knew, so by me in no uncertain terms.

Currently, the Hangar in N.Y. is under new racist management. Besides firing a fantastic DJ from Ghana, some insiders have indicated that he's said that there's "too many" Blacks and he'd like to change that...hmmm.

The Monster always showed a real
double standard, discriminating against Blacks, especially by doormen. NYC LGBTs are divided and maybe more so than other places, as our population is too.

The first has become last, as we see our Constitution with all its congenital defects being shredded
and South Africa's new 10+ years
time of Freedom, has the best, most inclusive Constitution that is experiencing growing pains, still instigated by ignorant, hating, moronic descendants of Europeans, whose hateful ancestral bigotries, prejudices and illnesses must be eradicated from all environments worldwide.

Meanwhile dance away these falling leaves of all these discriminators and sashay on top of every image, swatiska, confederate flag and message of hate, until they're buried without roots, branches, seeds, sunlight or water to bring them back into the light of any time, place or day. Boycott and don't buy from any 'Boers' in SA or USA!

Sometimes its not enough to cut down the noose before it finds one's neck, one must uproot and cut down the tree, like at the school in Mississippi, to make a symbolic point of change moving forward and NOT taking it anymore.

Like Rosa Parks, sometimes you must hold your ground to inherit the Earth and gain ground but do so carefully with caution, as well, as courage and conviction.


Derrick from Philly

You're so right, Jim. But you know I was so busy taking a narcissistic trip down memory lane that I forgot the main point of this story from South Africa, and "redblack" just reminded me of it: it is outrageous that a black man was denied entrance into a club in country that is 85% black. But a black gay professor of Portuguese told me he had similar experiences in Brazil.

redblack, I guess y'all are going to have to go Brooklyn to party, all y'all have left in Manhattan is Esquelita's. Is ChiChi's closed also? (I was never crazy 'bout ChiChi's anyway. I like rough trade, not rough queens.)


When was in London hanging out with some White Australian friends of mine who had some other friends, one of them a South African, and decided to go back to their apartment. The friend invited me and I was one my way there when the South African pulled me aside and said to me "Oh, it's just gonna be some old friends hanging out, you don't really need to be there. Maybe next time" I was simply shocked.

My Aussie friend didn't hear from me for two weeks when he finally called and asked what was going on. He laughed and said "oh, that's hwo he is, next time if I invite you to ym place, let noone else tell you otherwise" And I learned a big lesson that night: if I ever encounter a South African in the future, I'll cut them!


being raised in africa I tend not to notice this discrimination. been to clubs and bathhouses in europe and across the states. I think the discrimination is based o the the colour green. Most investors rightly or wrongly presume that we blacks do not have enough money to sustain their businesses . This is not right but until we can change that ...

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