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15 February 2008


Derrick from Philly

I'm so happy--I'm just a grinnin'. Just don't "butch up" Noah & Alex too much for the movie. Don't give in to pressure, Mr Polk! If they want "butch" they can watch "The DL Cronicles" for the fifty'leventh time.

Andrew C

Yea! This is great news!

Tony R

Jasmyne Cannick makes a very good point. The Black History Month and Valentine's Day connection is obvious. I'm wondering why these announcements are being done via statements, MySpace and videos.

Sounds exciting, but I'll believe it when I see it.


I have to admit, I'm a HUGE fan of Noah's Arc. I'd love to see the film movce to the big screen but I'd really love for it to return to television. What was the official reason for cancellation?

A. Ronald

Rod, why are you and Jasmyne suspect of the film? is it because the series was abruptly cancelled?


Ronald, that's probably among the main reasons, in addition to the press release announcements and it seems like Logo and patrik ian have been unwilling to speak with Rod and/or Jasmyne.

Don't forget Rod (and Jasmyne) work in television and knoiw how these things go. he said last year that the series was cvanceled when everyone wanted to insist it was on "hiatus."

I'll alos be very glad to see a movie. I just don't want our community given any false hope.


Umm, yea, it does sound suspicious. It's been a year. Hopefully this won't be a big "movie" production like Dirty Laundry.


It will be very nice if they can pull this off. I'd love to see this in a theatre.


I don't care either way. Once I saw what a quality show really looks like (DL Chronicles), I want Noah to get on his arc and never come back. I was so eager to see our images in the media that I was willing to suffer bad writing and unbelievable story lines. You guys should check out DL Chronicles. There are 4 episodes on this dvd and I'm really looking forward to next season where I understand there will be 9 more episode. I can't wait.


I am SO over the Wade and Noah storyline, LOL ... uck. I was kind of hoping they'd just kill that character off. As for DL Chronicles, never watched it and don't intend. I'll go to the Mill in DC for that shit.


I really miss the recaps of Noah's Arc. That was almost better than the show. They can take their time with the "movie." Jasmyne and Brotherlove are right, I'd rather it be a series.


i think it's too late for the film...who's going to see it? it's a small niche audience that wont be large enough to sustain it through a long run at the box office...

they should have made the movie RIGHT AFTER the show was canceled..i dont believe it's going to happen.

and let's face it...Noah's Arc doesnt have the kind of cache Sex and The City had...SATC went off the air in 2004, i believe? the show had reruns and was such a big cultural phenomenon that folk would wait for the big screen treatment. Noah's Arc? not so much...

This just sounds like more spin--just like it was spin when LOGO kept showing the series over and over again and kept showing it with the upcoming lineup of new shows..knowing full well they weren't going to make anymore.

I'd rather hold out for The DL Chronicles Movie...well written and better handling of Black LGBT/SGL themes and topics....

West Side Poz

Ryan's makes an excellent point. LOGO should have made a MFTVM. I'm not sure how many people will go see the film in major theaters, it's such a nice market.

Perhaps straight to DVD?


Well, don't hold out to long for the DL Chronicles movie, I got heretv! for the show, and, have yet to see it once in 3 months, just a bunch of lame films shown 100 times each a month. And, as for sexy Jensen, he is on that lame Dante's Cove, which is just awful, and, the acting there makes Noah's Arc seem Emmy worthy, and, makes me mad that Noah's Arc was cancelled.


I think a two hour Noah's Arc movie on LOGO would be a good idea, and is a much better idea than a theatrical release. How will the network and Patrick market this film, and who will they market it to. A movie of the week dvd release would have given a better view of what the market for the show and this type show is like.

As for the DL Chronicles, the first story is trite and dissappointing, but the rest are great. Having HERE isn't worth waiting around for them to air it, but three of the episodes are very good.


Interesting Cadence. I agree with you that the episodes of Chronicles got better after the first one. Let's ask the brothers who have slept with their sister's husbands what they think...lol




After watching the marathon on LOGO last night, I have to agree with freelo and others the show is awful. I only watched it because there's no other black gay people on television and for the eye candy. The storylines are SO cliche that you recite dialogue before it even happens! In two years the Wade character goes from not sure if he's gay to walking down the catwalk in drag during pride in the last episode. It don't work that way! And is every black gay man skinny and pretty and have lots of money? Where I been? I've never been to West Hollywood, but is it the black gay Shangri-la like they depict in the show?

Papi Chulo

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Steed (Noah's Arc's "Baby Gat") on an internet radio show that I co-host ...

Jason confirmed that his "Baby Gat" character WILL be in the new Noah's Arc movie ...


~Papi Chulo~

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