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20 February 2008



Good for him. He's a lil cutie. I know that's right.

Andy in Seattle


Andrew C

This is great news, I love stories like these. Come out, come out!


Good for him. The more, the easier for the rest of us. And yes he is a cute bear......


Actually First Black LGBT Legislator was from Albany, NY...1988/1989


Funny, AJ. When I read this, I had exactly the same reaction you had. But before I posted, I Googled, and I came to realize that Keith St. John had only ever been a city alderman in Albany, not a legislator.

He was, however, the first ever black openly gay elected official in the country.

Rod Mc

Bartlett is the nation's first openly gay black gay state legislator. In 2006, I wrote several posts on a Anthony McCarthy and Mary Washington, who were running for the Maryland General Assembly and hoped to become the nation's first openly gay black state legislators. Unfortunately, they didn't win their elections.

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