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11 February 2008


Andy Niable

True, the cancellation doesn't bode well for Obama, but the weekend momentum is with him--Maine put him in the lead, and that is INCLUDING the Superdelegates...


John Edwards should endorse Hillary, not just because Hillary and their ideas and their programs are pretty close, but also because his endorsement to Hillary will be great to his future political career. And I guess he will endore Hillary eventually because John Edwards is pretty smart, intelligent and responsible.

maria mireles

senetor john edwards i pray you endorse hillary clinton because i believe you and hillary clinton have heart and a passion for the people of america. i would love to see your name next to hillary's on the same ticket.


John Edwards i hope/pray for our sake you endorse Obama, you two are sooo much alike, my two year old deserves a REAL chance. I dont know what to say to you to get your attention so i just pray. Mr Edwards who are the real Clintons and who are they paying/punking? Why doesn't anyone never speak on the extensive past of Hillary Clinton, all the scandals/coverups, all the dirt they've done and the bad company she has and has HAD (berger) just to mention. I am/was a Hillary supporter until an hour ago. I just watched The Hillary Movie, sooo much i never knew that no one has ever reported. Y?

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