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27 February 2008


Robert Jones, Jr.

I'm not sure what to do about places like Jamaica, Egypt, Iran and other places who are murderous toward homosexuals. Education seems to be the only answer, but religion stands in direct conflict with education. And idiots are much more likely to believe what's preached to them from religious texts than to use their common sense to figure out that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is simply an aspect of nature.

Andy in Seattle

I agree education is the key.

Secular education.

Fundamentalist-based countries where everything taught in schools must be based on millenia-old "scriptures" of desert-cultures scrambling to surive and therefore making now-long-outdated prohibitions on sexuality, full of sexism and homophobia... no wonder the hatred ferments.

This is such a sad story, I hope it has a good ending and he gets asylum.

Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted

Mr. McCullom, I'd like to take a minute to congratulate you for continuing to keep us abreast of the anti-gay antics & atrocities steadily perpetuated by our more warped "third-world-mentally-disorderd" brethren in countries like Jamaica (and parts of Africa). Please persist in informing us, even as we become desensitized; the same way we're emotionally immune as we scroll down further to read of yet another young black gay man here at home. Murdered. We shake our heads and shield our hearts as we surf toward something more satisfying; a fabulous caramel-colored boy with pearly white teeth and beautiful ass cheeks. Wait. There's two. Twins: a tragedy with enough sensationalism and misfortune for us to feed off of and make snide remarks about. (And wow....over 20 replies in the comments section to keep us coming back for more). We then sign off, go back to our own lives, get up in the morning, put on our carefully co-ordinated drag, and sashay off to our (often cute & lucrative) jobs. Until the next time. Until the next beating, the next bash or the next bullet. Until we vomit up enough vitriol and scream Enoughness !!! People are suffering all over the world, yes, but because these tragedies have a black gay spin, they should strike a more heavy chord. What has seemingly worked before is judiciously applied economic pressure by the world's leading economic powers i.e. bustin' them right in the ass of thier booming tourism industry. But do we have enough cohesiveness to make it work. I digress. I apologize. I can only speak for myself can't I? Maybe I'm the one who has to realize that he is impotent and helpless - that all I can do is clutch my pearls or perhaps offer up a prayer (provided it doesn't bounce off the wall). I can recognize or not. And if not....then what ?????

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