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05 February 2008


Derrick from Philly

I hope I'm not taking advantage of the subject. Whenever I've debated with white gays over the behavior of black homophobes (and they mention his blackness as part of their criticism), one thing I say to them is, "what do you care? If black homophobia turns into anti-gay violence, it's going to affect me, not you." White gays will "read" me and say, " Oh, you mean I have to be black to speak out against black homophobes?" No, silly. I'm just being realistic about who is in danger from the hateful anti-gay rhetoric of black homophobic preachers, Rappers and Reggae performer's --who's in real danger when it becomes violent. This was a lynch mob in Jamaica. A black lynch mob committing violence against black men who may be their nephews, sons, uncles, school mates, etc--may have done them some kindness for them as a neighbor. Yet, you join the lynch mob anyway and behave like a savage(talk about steretypes).

An acquaintance of mine still vacations in Jamaica twice a year, and he goes there for the "gay scene" and beautiful men. Well, must be a well hidden gay scene, and a lot of inexpensive "down low" trade. I think he's a horny middle-age fool. All the muscular Rasta' trade in world couldn't get me to travel to Jamaica. But this isn't about tourists, is it? It's about Jamaican men & women who are targets of lynch mobs because they are suspected of loving members of the same sex.

Taylor Siluwé

So sad. The story never changes, just the times and places.

Apparently its up to us to make the greater black community aware of Jamaica's dangers (black gays who go there for vacation should know better).


Reading this scares me ... I am seeing a man of Jamaican descent now. While his family isn't "right off the boat" or anything like that ... it does make me nervous. I just try not to think about it.

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