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27 February 2008


Andy in Seattle

Yes, no surprise here.

Lance that boil, let the pus run all over Grampa Munster's "Straight Talk Express" and look like a pissy ancient crank.

Ain't gonna work. Ain't gonna win.

Andy Niable

Yeah, McCain was "suprised," had no idea that inviting this radio shock-jock might present such hateful things. No, not at all.

Props, hell no. McCain knew damned well what he was unleashing. He's playing it both ways.

My advice was to the Dems, not the Grand Old Party. I don't expect the GOP to distance themselves at all from their racist/sexist/xenophobic fringes except when forced to, and even then I question the sincerity.


What is utterly embarassing is that in that pic above, there are a Black guy and Black woman holding up McCain signs while this pasty asshole opens his inbred mouth. Talk about "jews for Hitler" with tans!

Rod Mc

Zeus, you're absolutely right. there are two men and one woman. I made a mental note while watching the piece and totally forgot to include. Thanks!

Andy Niable

I fully expect the McCainiacs to sprinkle as many colored folk as they can in and among the photo-op background crowds... but somehow if they're running against biracial Obama or the rainbow that Hillary would unfurl, it won't quite work...

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