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29 February 2008


Andy in Seattle

Yes, there are strong arguments for Obama and Hillary, but answer me this:

1) Why is Hillary only for PARTIAL repeal of DOMA, while Obama is for having it gone, completely? Has she said why? Has she said why in front of a gay group?

2) Has Hillary Clinton ever given a speech about homophobia or LGBT issues in front of a predominately non-gay crowd or an expectedly hostile group?

Preaching to the Human Rights Campaign Fund choir is one thing, going into the lion's den is another.

I'll vote for either of them, I'd love to vote for both, but there are interesting differences here.


Andy, as far as I know, Obama has never "given a speech about homophobia" to a hostile group. On several occasions, he has mentioned gays and homophobia in front of church audiences and predominately black audiences. And Rod has always been among the first to report this and applaud. But, these were always asides and not the main focus of the speech.

A mention is far different from enacting policy. But if the gays want to get their panties wet every time Barack mentions "gay" ...


One more thing. Go to the link of the Clinton interview. The reporters says the Obama campaign refused an interview.

This was a conference call with reporters at the same newspapers where Obama placed ads. Advertising is only a one-way message. Unless you'd rather a candidate with $50 million in the bank throw $1000 at the gay press, as opposed to taking an half an hour of their time to ask questions? Clinton is talking about DOMA to our reporters and journalists. I don't think Obama has.


Can someone explain "DOMA".


That's a good question. Can you explain the difference, Rod?


I like them both, but, I will admit that Barack Obama "mentions" gay more often in his stump speeches.

Andy in Seattle

Honestly, I like them both, too, Anon, and I'll vote for whomever is the Democratic nominee in the fall.

Andrew C

"Preaching to the Human Rights Campaign Fund choir is one thing, going into the lion's den is another."

Amen to that.


So Christians are supposed to disregard the Bible in favor of an act that the Word of God says is a sin? Not me. You people are saying that it is wrong to follow the Bible and that it is right to follow you? That's the same as calling wrong right, and right wrong. Sin is sin. If you people are comfortable in your sin, then fine. But why the campaign against those who have faith enough in God to believe that His Word is true, correct, and infalliable? Why would I ever choose your side over God's side?

Additionally, Obama is just using you people for votes. He will not overturn DOMA. The House would go for it. But the political capital he would have to expend to get such a thing out of the Senate is too much. There would need to be some intervening event to change an established law; and I see none. And forgot that "gays serve openly in the military" non-sense. IF pulling troops out of Iraq ends up being his main priority, it's not feasible to also push a military policy change down the throats of career military generals. That would be a second term agenda item--if that. Because when it comes down to it, the perception of a Marine Corps with pink ribbons tied around their uniforms is too radical.


ATL Kid, Obama has talked to the gay press. He did an interview with the advocate, and during one rally in NH he held a private meeting with a group of LGBT activist, where he had some interest things to say about Donnie McClurkin and the ex gay movement.

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