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28 February 2008


Derrick from Philly

Took me a while, but I love my long, brown sugar, Slim Jim now. And don't start that "Johnny come lately shit". Barack wasn't sayin' much before, now he's irresistible...always been cute. We've never had a cute president--no, not even Big Cigar Bill. No.

Andy Niable

LMAO. Welcome to the fold, Derrick. Have a sippa' Kool-Aid.

Derrick from Philly

Obama appeared before a black congregation in Beaumont Texas and told them that it was un-Christian to hate gay people just because they are gay. Now, have you EVER heard of a politician having the courage to do such a thing? (Except Jesse and Al Sharpton, of course). But there was no alterior motive for Obama to do this. He did & said what was right...and from his heart. I like that.

Yes, Andy, I'll sip all the Obama Kool-Aid I can now. Can I put a little Vodka in it, please? About a half-pint, please.

Andy Niable

Ya want it straight or on the rocks? (Oh... wait a minute...)

Derrick from Philly

The day I learn that proof reading includes checking spelling. "ulterior" Sorry. Anyway, Barack Obama is showing incredible courage and acting like a leader. After March 4th we can get on with the task of reconciliation within the Democratic Party. Am I jumping ahead? Not really. Senator Clinton is a smart woman and politician; she'll know that it's over after next Tuesday.

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