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05 February 2008


Pastor Michael Vincent Crea

Having begun teaching about HIV/AIDS as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1985 in Senegal and returning in 1990 and 1995, this news is deplorable and without any
reason or respect by Senegalese
authorities toward these men.

I have tried to purchase a building in Harlem to be called
"Keur Teranga," that is "House of Hospitality and Respect" for people living with the virus, especially Africans. Teranga means "hospitality and respect," and is the national motto of Senegal.

The police action is only a further indication of the global fascism being perpetrated with impunity, as America, the model of
moral bankruptcy and sinister self-righteousness, is being followed by all looking at force
and violence as the means to achieve whatever ends one desires or dictates and being disguised as democracy.

In Senegal same gender loving actions are out in the open in many cultural, everyday actions, including holding hands with one's good friend walking in public. One wonders if the new westernization of Africa, including two new U.S. American
military bases in Senegal, are giving way to increased homophobia
and intolerance from the flowing of new imperial dollars that are thicker than free blood brothers and brothers' blood flowing freely, being given no respect or hospitality in their own homes.

These regrettable arrests are totally unacceptable and the authorities must release the men immediately.

Andy Niable

Sad, disturbing news, but thank you, Rod, for keeping our eyes and minds (and hearts) aware of the world beyond Mardi Gras and Super Tuesday.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Where does the U.N. stand on those countries who display such rampant homophobia? Has it (the U.N.) made public a stand against those nations?

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