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07 February 2008


Pastor Michael Vincent Crea

While welcomed news for those who are now released, these fascist
reprecussions around the world are only to get worse, unless good people, LGBT & straight,
stand up and recognize the Truth: the equality of ALL Human-Divine Beings, which each of us is.

Science, spirituality and civility
is reflected in the South African Constitution. The Truth is that "last the has become first and the first has become last." South Africa's young fledgling freedom needs the stakes to hold up all its fruits, while America's wily weeds need to be uprooted at their source before they strangled and suffocate all sound minded and soulful people.

The extreme terrorists are those Christian frauds portending to practice a faith that has no basis in the life of Christ Jesus or true Islam, for that matter. For the poor are being abandoned;
the sick forsaken; the oppressed
ostracized; the imprisoned jailed without Justice or reason; the widow[er], orphan, senior sentenced to utter misery, as moneymakers and selected 'elected'
officials rape, rob and ruin lives, like those brothers arrested or now on the run.

Let's stop the warmongering hate of the Bush dickcheneyship's influence around the world, whether in Dakar, Senegal or in Washington, D.C., leading U.S. cities with new AIDS cases.

It's time for straights to take the planks out their own eyes before attempting to remove splinters from others: only to learn there was none really, only one's own rough edge in sight of all but the self-righteous eyes of such fools, such terrorists.

God save ALL in Senegal: LGBT & straight, together, in TERANGA,

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