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08 February 2008


Derrick from Philly

Yes, Tyson Beckford is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man. BUT! why put all those tattoos all over that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful chocolate skin. I want to lick that chocolate skin, not all that damn ink.

Although, I guess Tyson's tattoos are not located where one would do the most lickin'.

Am I being vulgar? Sorry (he said in his best Baby Jane Hudson impersonation).


OOOH..i was WAITING for you to post about Tyson, Rod!

he does look good enough to eat, hunh? but he's all yours...you might kill me if i coveted him! :)

but great coverage...


Derrick, add me to the no tattoos on beautiful black skin, looks kind of gross since it's not something you can decipher, just blobs of ink!!

Reginald Harris

"Channeling Karl Lagerfeld" -- LOL! But you're right, he does have that Karl look (sans the ponytail). It's the makings of a hysterical, non-traditional casting bio-pic!

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