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01 March 2008


Andy in Seattle

When I want to judge the success of a U.S. Occupation (not war--we won the war--but occupation) of foreign land, that's who I turn to: Oscar-winning actresses! (Cough)

So, Ms. Jolie, even if this "surge" is working and stabilizing what's left of Iraq, are we then supposed to continue, uh, "surging" and hence populate the country with thousands of soldiers costing billions of dollars a month?

If your answer is yes, then I expect your next op-ed to be pushing for a military draft.

Andrew C

Ah yes, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider now decides our foreign policy. Thanks, Mrs Pitt, for handing the Republicans a new talking point.

Rod, here is a shout out from a reader who discovered you at the Huffington Post. We may disagree on some things but you have a way with words and love the wit. Every time you insist upon using the Vietnam-era "escalation" it makes me LOL.

West Side Poz

Andrew C, this is may be a Rod 2.0 record. I cannot recall ever seeing "surge" on these pages. If Rod can actually say or write the word, that is proof that it's working!


Yeah, that's who I want to hear from on American foreign policy and defense strategy.

But in truth, she probably knows as much as Bush!


Jolie sure did make a fool of herself.

Derrick from Philly

One Hundred Years in Iraq

Starring Angelina Jolie and Mel Gibson

You can surge all you want to; the Iraq War was/is/will always be a mistake.


LOL. Derrick, I suspect that not even Angelina and Mel, with all their money thrown at surgeons, will still be able to arouse the movie crowds after one hundred years in Iraq.

And your point is so true: When the original act was so totally wrong, you can't redeem yourself by acting wrong more forcefully.

Of course, no one in our government is looking for something as quaint as redemption.

Rod Mc


Very funny

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