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04 March 2008


greg g

I know you really hate to write that "I told you so" but you did. I didn't want to hear it, I guess some others didn't either.

So where do we go now?


I'm a Texan, this has been an very interesting day. Congrats to Hillary. But it's not over for the Obama Camp, I had a look @ the votes by county in Texas, and Obama won all the major cities. and Hillary won all the small country towns. those small towns who probably see this election as colored man running against a white woman. and thanks to the latinos for loyalty to Bill Clinton's wife. Hillary is amazing at catering to one demographic at a time, rather it's taking photos with one the stage with a latino kids with sombreros, or giving free Barritos to people that showed up at campaign headquarters. or even paying some homeless people to hold her signs, or the running of propaganda ads against Barack. it's all good. she's not the winner. I just hope she doesn't further divide the country.


How is Hillary dividing the country? She is runnig just like Obam is running.

Obama was doing the same thing, campaigning with Latinos and having Spanish commercials. It's called politics.

Alan T

No, Greg, methinks he likes saying that "I told you so." That why he always does it.

Andrew C

She is resilient. It's like watching the Energizer Bunny. Hillary isn't necessarily my first choice but you cannt help but see she won't give up.


Oliver W

Any particular reason you didn't cover Obama tonight? He won too, in Vermont.

Tony R

"He won too, in Vermont."

Let's see what is the bigger story. Winning a sliver of a state or winning Two of the largests tates in the union aftre being left for dead? Hmmm

That's a difficult decision ...


Vermont is not a "sliver", it is an entire state.


Vermont is a sliver of a state, but it is still a state with a governor and two senators.


Thank You Rod for providing a balanced view. I was getting a wee bit tired of all of the Hillary bashing going on throughout the media. Not to mention if you are a black Hillary fan you are considered worse than dirt by OUR people. I am glad it isn't over yet, this is getting really exciting.

brad lindau

Hey Duwayne, are you new here at Rod 2.0? This is actually one of the few (primarily?) black blogs that gives equal time to Clinton and Obama, so it's a friendly space it you're a Clinton supporter. A month or two ago some of the somments were quite vicious but it has toned down. A little. Rod really is an excellent writer and has keen political instinct, I don't know why he isn't at a campaign.

Yes, you are right. This race is exciting, I can't wait to see what happens. Hillary is my girl but Barack is my man. Either one will be better than John McCain!

Clinton/Obama '08!!

Andy Niable

Obama--bruised yes, knock-out punched not.

The delegate math is still very much against Senator Clinton.

All the reasons you list for Hillary's comeback are very cogent, but I find it interesting you neglected to mention the photo of Obama wearing the turban and local clothing on his trip to Kenya. Do you really think that didn't have an effect on the lunch-bucket crowd, that instead they parse all the complexities of the NAFTA controversy more closely? You can refuse to believe the Clintons brought it to Drudge's attention with incredibly strategic timing (we'll just have to agree to disagree on that), but you can't downplay the effect it might have had, especially on the white male voters in Ohio and Texas.

That said--either candidate will be better than Grampa Munster, who now must endure another hug from Bush today. Hopefully that photo op will hand the Democrats some more visual weaponry for the fall campaign.


"The other reason why Clinton won in Ohio—and the same reason she will win by double digits in Pennsylvania—is due to the Obama campaign's disastrous backpedaling on NAFTA."

The Clintons gave us NAFTA. How does she have better bona fides on NAFTA? Explain that.


Is it really a comeback to win three states you were never down in the polls in. The polling data always always inidicated She was to win Ohio and Texas and if you look at the polls from 2 weeks her leads were much more sizable than what she actually ended up winning by. So it was a great night for Senator Clinton but hardly a comeback.

tyler grey

Jack, so we're quoting "polls" as statistical evidence that she lost support? Zzzz

The Ohio win was by 17 points.
The Texas win was by 4 points but that's a million votes.

Obama has had great nights and Clinton had great nights. This is politics, win some, lose some.

Derrick from Philly

A divided convention where super delegates decide the nominee. What more could a loyal Democrat fear the most? Three more right-wing judges on the Supreme Court, that's what.


I'm not surprised by the spin and revisionism from Obama supporters.

Clinton wins in Super Tuesday "but it weasn't a slarge as expected." Obama wins 11 in a row "and its momentum." Clintons wins three out of four and it is the "muslim" photo.

If Obama had a stronger campaign before, why can't we say Clinton learned from her mistakes? And the economy is a major issue and that is the cornerstone of Clinton's debate.

Franklyn Smith

Greg, I think that question was asked and answered last night.

FWIW, neither Clinton nor Obama were in the Senate when NAFTA was voted and neither one will substantially change it.

Both campaigns are playing a game. Clinton doesn't want to claim the bad parts of the Clinton legacy and Obama says she had no formal role but hangs NAFTA around her neck.



As much as I have issues with BOTH candidates, we all need to give hillary credit for being a serious fighter...

11 states down, and she comes back and wins Ohio and Texas and Rhode Island...

Personally, i do think the obama camp thought they had it in the bag..so im sure he is reeling over this. But, this only means both will go into overdrive in the coming elections, with Pennsylvania really being the deciding state...

and obama needs to do some serious campaigning here...hillary has support from gov. rendell. and, she's big with the blue collar, catholic, and overall working class here in the state, specifically southwestern pa--pittsburgh where im at. i've yet to see an obama poster here int he city, yet clinton is popping up everywhere.

but, this has been and will continue to be a fierce battle that i will watch...shit, this is better than american idol! lol! :)

Derrick from Philly

You're enjoying this, aint you, Ryan? I could cry. Democrats fighting each other, spending all their money. Republicans collecting a huge war chest-- just waiting to take on a beat up black man or a torn apart white woman. Yeah, as a Democrat, I could cry.


Where is the 17 point number from Ohio coming from? Everything I read says she won it 54%-44%.


The other interesting thing to me is that most pundits 4 weeks ago were saying she needed to win both these contest in the 20point range in order to truly have a chance at getting the nomination. Well she didn't do that, but now its a different story.


derrick from philly:

i actually find it very hilarious and very problematic for the simple fact that the democratic party, once the bastion of cohesiveness and strength, once AGAIN can't pull it together in an election year. and i am a democrat.

but seriously..instead of teh party being divided over which candidate to support (and really, the only main reason dems have a problem with hillary is because she was MARRIED to bill clinton, and they are finally getting a chance to pay him back for what he did in office--by going after HER), the party should already be talking WHO they are going to nomination, WHO will be the running mate..and HOW will the dems go about taking BACK the white house and and gettign RID of McCain once and for all...

i'm still not sure who im going to support come november,a nd knowing that cynthia mckinney is running for the green party--if her name is on hte november ballot, i will vote for her.

and, there are probably going to be a couple of socialist tickets on the ballot also...

all im saying is that the more the dems remain divisive, the more they will play this election RIGHT into the hands of the Republicans--which is becoming a frightening prospect.


Derrick: I am SURE if it was the other way around and Clinton had won 11 in a row and Obama had won both Texas and Ohio you would be the first to tell Obama he should concede right? I wonder if it would have been reversed if most Obama supporters would be saying he should be throwing in the towel and his career is finished?

Rod Mc

Tomorrow I will post a case for Obama to win Pennsylvania and a similar post for Clinton.

DFS, those numbers were from 10PM last night. They've since been adjusted.

Many people are making similar "pundits said" or "polls showed" arguments, but, well, it's ridiculous. You can't cite or a "pundit" to make a serious point because there are any number of pundits or polls to make a counter-argument. My position is that Obama has yet to win any of the key industrial states (except Illinois) that are must-wins for Democrats in the fall. He has also failed to win a state larger than Illinois. You're assuming he will do better in the fall? What is the evidence? Will Democrats have no "choice"? They will, OH, PA, MI or CA could easily go for McCain.

It's odd that the main argument of the Obama campaign and its impassioned supporters has become arithmetic, i.e. inevitably. Neither Clinton nor Obama will have the required number of delegates so it's unrealistic to demand an end to the process now. It's like competing in the Indy 500 and stopping at lap 450 and saying, "Let's stop before someone gets hurt."

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