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05 March 2008


Andy Niable

Yes, use that shot and the old "hug" photo of McCain literally embracing W.

This is going to be a nasty campaign, even meaner because the GOP has nothing good of their own to campaign upon--just a long list of failures and disasters and bankrupted federal coffers.

The GOP will be forced to run on fear and anxiety and insecurity and lies and mud.

The question now is will the Democrats sling it back--or CAN they do so as or more effectively without souring the electorate on the entire process and turning off all the new people brought into the process? Or if they will go with a Reaganesque positive, future-oriented message? "They offer you nothing but partisan battles, we offer you the following solutions."

Whomever gets the nomination will likely set this tone. Guess who offers what...


do you think McCain swallowed or spit out after 'lunch' with Bush?

Andy in Seattle

I dunno, joh, but isn't necrophilia illegal in DC?

Ramon Johnson

Who is the real John McCain? He's like tofu: He changes his flavor based on whatever he's around. A week ago he was a Huckabee conservative, yesterday he was Bush, prior to the campaign he was Nadar-esque. Who will he be tomorrow to gain a few more votes. He reminds me of a used car salesman that will say (and do) anything to secure the sale.

If you notice, McCain's campaign didn't say he was distancing himself from Bush until after the photo shoot.

At least Obama and Clinton are talking about real solutions to real issues. McCain is continuing with the trite Republican smoke and mirrors campaign. He's just the latest member of "the club." I wonder how many people will fall for it this time?

Andy Niable

McCain himself is a fairly weak campaigner, but it's the machine behind him, along with the bloodthirsty 527s (remember "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth") that worry me.

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