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06 March 2008



Hmmmmmmm, let me get this (aaaahhhemmmmm) straight. I want everyone to do what is right, unless I have to sacrifice then in that case don't? What a fool.


I know i was thinking the same thing, it's like where the hell does he stand then? Does he or does he not want the gay bashing in Jamaica to stop? To me it is best to do whatever is necessary to stop it

Victor Pond

I agree with Mr. Henry's position. It's easy living in a different culture (US) and pontificate about what to do or how to do it. The irony is that despite all the "gay rights" in this country, gay bashing along with insiduous reacism from the so called "gay community" continue to plague us.


"affect my family back home," he adds. J-LAG says the group does "not wish to be perceived as taking food off the plate of those who are already impoverished."

Um, honey, that's the point. By any means necessary.

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