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04 March 2008


Andy in Seattle

Good analysis, Rod, and smart words about not taking McCain for granted.

Now if we can just keep a mike in his hand every time he slips and calls himself a "liberal Republican"...

Andrew C

Here, here Andy. Let's play that clip over and over!


Why do you think McCain will be so difficult to beat? He is so much older than Obama and seems like a caricature.

Andy in Seattle

Well, think of the millions of idiots who voted for W. Twice. And Reagan. Twice.


>>>McCain is a cold warrior who walks around with the scars of Vietnam. He is determined to remedy them with a "win" in Iraq. Never dismiss a warrior with old scores to settle.

Rod, I'm a sometimes critic in these comments but that passage was excllent. That explains the strong appeal and determination of John Mccain. I also wished we were facing Mccain.

greg g

The majority of the country wants out of Iraq. That's where Obama will trump Mccain.

Oliver W

Rod, you're wrong on this one. McCain will be very easy to beat. He is old and pro war and no one really is taking him seriously. It's like Grandpa. Do we want another old Republican president?

Barack Obama will be a landslide victory.

Tony R

Yes, a landslide like Reagan v Mondale!


Earlier I meant to say that I wished we were facing ROMNEY!

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