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19 March 2008


Lang B.

Lawd! What is going on in AMERICA?
I guess we are all more a like than un- a like. LOL.

So many bones.

I guess he had to get it out before it was excavated.

And gay folks are a mess right?

So disappointing on how much infidelity exists in these "perfect" straight marriages.

I am beginning to believe that these people in politics only play the moral family role for political /financial gain and the wifes are REALLY the pimp$. They lease out their hubbies while they get their faces embalmed with tax payers money.

Jason Jackson

I'm not sure that dramatic reaction was necessary. Paterson never said his marriage was "perfect" and he has been a TREMENDOUS straight ally to the LGBT community. Introduced same sex marriage legislation and gay rights and hate crimes bills, it's been reported here all week. Paterson probably does more for the gay community than many gays reading this blog. Give him a break.

Andy Niable

Very, very smart political move. Put out the dirty laundry on day one, get it out of the way, then move on and govern. As you said--candid, refreshing, honest.

Brad W

I really like Paterson. He is a role model and a friend to the community. The new governor has always stood up for gay rights. Andy is right, this was a smart, strategic move.

Derrick from Philly

What dramatic reaction, Jason? I don't think anyone who comes to this blog is critical of the new governor--we're proud of him.

Derrick from Philly

Jason, please forgive me. I read your comment again and realized what you were saying had nothing to do with any comment on this thread, but with the Patterson's revelation. I actually agree with you.

Sorry again, I get so defensive nowadays--old age, brother.

Taylor Siluwé

@ Derrick: I thought the same thing at first. Is it really old age? Damn.

But I like this guy. A lot. And taking it further, with all the Obama drama right now, NY's first black governor turning out to be honest and refreshing can only help people straddling the fence on Barack.

And after all, when has getting a little nookie on the side made you a bad leader? Me personally, I function so much better after sneaking off for a secret nut. (lol)

Honti Sonud

Is it just me or is he just the cutest thing? If he came by my desk, I'd type a little faster and get those letters out!

Ooooh! What's that scent you're wearing Gov? It's called Honesty, baby!

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