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21 March 2008


Homo N Harlem

Sounds like the "same old politics" to me.

A. Ronald

The Obama campaign has officially jumped the shark. John Kerry, Claire McCaskill all went off the deep end in one day and this photo and the "breaking news" passport drama was a clear diversion.


This photo proves nothing. I thought the Obama campaign was trying to move past this story?


Rod, where is your proof that the Obama campaign gave this photo to the New York Times? Maybe the Clintons or their enemioes did, there are so many. Or maybe the Republicans ...


"Anon", please read that passage about "The juvenile reaction to "blame" the Clintons for any and everything that happens to the Obama campaign has become irrational and epidemic."

And take your meds, hon.


"In providing the photograph to The New York Times, the Obama campaign appeared ..."

Does that answer your question, sweety? The New York Times said the photo came from the Obama campaign. You think the Clinton campaign wants to insert themselves in a story they have been trying to avoid?


Obviously the photos shows that Rev. Wright's spiritual counsel was good enough for Presidnet Clinton, he should be good enough for President Obama.

Homo N Harlem

"BL", what spiritual counsel did the good reverend give to President Clinton? The report says Wright only met the reverend once, and that is a far cry from Obama sitting in the pews for 20 years, dedicating his book to the man, and being married by him and taking his daughters there for baptism. It's amazing how Obamaniacs don't even think rationally.

Why can't let this controversy rest? He's supposed to transcend race, but every other day there is some race-related problem.

Audacity to Hope

Okay, okay. We get the impression you don't like the Obama campaign. Please explain your reasons because almost everyone else LOVES Obama and HATES Clinton.

As far as this picture is concerned, it speaks for itself. If Jeremiah Wright was good enough to offer spiritual advice to Bill Clinton, then what is the problem with his relationship with Barack Obama?

Andy Niable

Perhaps simply that Reverend Wright has circulated outside the Chicago sphere of public officials, all the way to the White House?

Juvenile? Perhaps. Or just reactionary. Yes it's been a hard week. And the last thing we want to talk about is Campaigns Circulating Potentially Problematic Photos again.

But why? I don't know. I'm just speculating (and so is most of the above text.) And wondering why you're asking us? Call the campaign and get a quote from them, and then report that.

And then wait for the inevitable resurrection of the Mother Jones story about Hillary's spooky Evangelical Bible Study Group--you just KNOW that's coming down the political sewer pipe next...


Audacity and Andy Niable: Bill and Hillary Clinton do not have a 20 year relationship with Jeremiah Wright. The good reverend was one of 100+ ministers invited to a prayer meeting. Wright, of course, denounced the Clintons on Christmas Day when he said "Hillary ain't never been called a n-----" and started his racebaiting. This was looooong before "the race card" was supposedly dealt in South Carolina.

On the other hand, the good prophet, err "Senator" from the South Side of Chicago, sat in those pews at Trinity United Church for 20 years and listened to hate speech. Racist, anti-white, un-American hate speech. For 20 years. First he said he never heard anything. Then in his "transcedental" speech on Tuesday when the "sky opened and the light shined down", a revelation: YES! HE CAN! Obama admitted to hearing "fierce criticism" of these United States.

At least the photo shows one thing: If Obama is close enough to the pastor to borrow a ten year old photo, he should be close enough to read a sermon or watch a DVD or Sunday service.

Rod McCullom

Please read the NYT piece, or even my snippet: The photo is from the Obama campaign.

Andy, Audacity and BL: The Jeremiah Wright controversy was NOT created by Clinton campaign. It's been on FOX News and MSNBC since this time last year. Let's stay with the facts.

Andy: Hillary Clinton is a "Methodist." The United Methodist Church is not a charismatic, evangelical denomination. For what it's worth, I've said several times on this blog that I'm a Methodist. I don't see anything "spooky" about that.


"And then wait for the inevitable resurrection of the Mother Jones story about Hillary's spooky Evangelical Bible Study Group--you just KNOW that's coming down the political sewer pipe next..."

The juvenile reaction to "blame" the Clintons for any and everything that happens to the Obama campaign has become irrational and epidemic....

Andy Niable

NObama: Reread my comments. I never said any Clinton had a 20-year relationship. Did the Obama campaign make that claim? Let's stay with the facts.

Rod: I myself wasn't saying the story SHOULD be considered spooky, Rod. I was anticipating the next SILLY story likely to come down the wire that will divert everyone's attention from the REAL issues and the REAL campaign we need to focus upon. (And, yes, Rod, I would agree that circulating the above photo doesn't help us do that.)

Henry TW

I can understand why Rod is upset. He has criticized the Obama campaign's handling of this issue but tried to support Rev. Wright's bona fides to black LGBTs. Plus he went on the radio yesterday, I'd be mad, too.


Umm, I suppose at the end of the day, this entire "controversy" is bullshit. The Reverend isn't the one running for president, nor will he be a part of Obama's cabinet. This is definitely one of those cases where it's okay to blame the media for making something out of nothing.


An "Obama cabinet"? LMAO The only cabinets Obama will see are in his REZKO-financed mansion.

A 20 year spiritual advisor to Obama saying "god damn America!" versus a Vietnam war hero. That Kool-Aid must be spiked with something might strong! Those clips are playing nonstop on Fox and AM radio. I think the blogger is very astute, this will be a "McGovern style landslide." Or maybe Reagan-Mondale!


Barack's chickens are coming home ... to roooost!


Desperation on the cusp of insanity…. yeah, this will get ‘em, Obama campaign thinks.

More likely it will provide the in denial remnant of ObamaNation fuel to stick around to the now inevitable very bitter end.

As for the photo, photos of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam MEAN somthing, as there was a decades long business and political relationship those photos illustrate.

Bill Clinton shook hands with MILLIONS of people during his lifetime, and you know, Obama campain, if you really look hard enough, I’d just bet you can find one of Bill SHAKING HANDS WITH LARRY SINCLAIR’S LIMO DRIVER.

Desperation on the cusp of insanity. Clinton never raised funds for Wright, never as far as anyone knows ever sat in on even ONE MINUTE of ONE SERMON, never JOINED HIS BLACK SUPREMACIST CHURCH, never claimed the man as his mentor, and never claimed the man gave him the title of one of his most popular books. You notice how you NEVER hear anyone from ObamaNation talking about “The Audacity of Hope” anymore. Flush that particular former asset. “The Audactiy of Shit.”

Desperation on the cusp of insanity; you’re going to hear and see more and more of it as Rove’s Tool continues to flush himself down the toilet, taking ObamaNation and hopefully Karl Rove’s dreams of eight more GOP years of endless war and economic collapse with a certain McCain victory against Obama with him.


If Obama gets the Dem nomination, the Republicans will make sure that the Rev. Wright and his "sermons" are front and center. John McCain will stay above it all and let conservative talk radio, Fox News and 2008's version of the "swift boaters" do the dirty work. Obama is losing that "post-racial" aura and is beginning to be preceived as that most fearsome of creatures, a potentially "angry" black man.

malik m.l. williams

and now the truth starts to come out. obama was fine until he started to be perceived as "really black." people who condemn obama for wright's comments criticizing america are eerily similar to those who claimed anyone questioning bush's actions entering iraq should be tried for treason. (of course, that was only in the beginning.)

is releasing this picture an act of desperation? of course. small wonder, given the intensity with which obama's opponents – and i don't mean the other candidates – have attempted to frame his relationship with jeremiah wright as the defining issue of his candidacy.

i'm still waiting for these so-called critics and pundits to examine the role of hillary's whiteness as intently as they're willing to racialize everything about obama....

andrew c

Malik, you make some excellent points. Certainly it looks like desperation and not the behavior of a front runner, but, the Obama camp is playing to win like anyone else, except there is a meme that the campaign doesn't "play dirty tricks." Okay.

But I'm not really sure what Hillary Clinton's "whiteness" has to do with anything, much less an ancient photo of her husband and the reverend. That type of discussion is a symptom of the need to "racialize" this election by many in our own community (or even "well meaning" white liberals) who have insisted since Obama won Iowa to characterize the nomination as "a white woman trying to stop" the "first black president." Then, the nonstop racebaiting and the need to cast Obama as a "healer" and a "uniter." The black community, blogs, preachers and politicians continuously describe Obama in messianic imagery, which is very much part of our culture. I think that may work well in Democratic activist circles. I don't think that's a winning general election strategy, especially when it is revealed the "messiah's" spiritual mentor and pastor regularly blasts America and white people.


i think Obama's "typical white person" remark is being taken out of context and twisted.

He was speaking of a reaction to racial characteristics his grandmother has that are culturally created. I commend him for continuing to speak honestly about race.

Curry J

Iemmathu, you're probably right, but think for a minute if, say, Hillary Clinton described someone as a "typical white person". Or, better yet "a typical black person." Now, would the knives be out, or, would you look at her entire record and career on race relations and civil rights?


Not a good look ... at all. I have to agree with the one poster who said they've jumped the shark. But then again, I wasn't on him like that to begin with, so ...

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