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25 March 2008


Mel Smith

Obama mania? I love it!!!


Great, great, I love it!



I really do appreciate, despite what some might say, how well-balanced you are in your editorials and postings.

Having said that, I LOVE THAT SENATOR OBAMA dares to take the opportunity while speaking to "mainstream" audiences to talk about LGBT issues.

Thank you for this posting. It was his recent conversation with an all Black audience that really pushed me over the top in my support. Now to know that he's done it again, in Oregon, is just a breath of fresh air because it shows that he dares to be consistent.


Rod Mc

Thanks for everything, Rev Kev. I moved your quote into the post. Thanks!


This is why I love Sen. Barack Obama and am truly thrilled by this campaign. Sen. Obama is not perfect and is not a saint, but he addresses real, every day issues, and "frames" them for everyday audiences. That's more than good enough for me. Obama goes into the "lion's den" and tames "the lion" with his message of inclusion.

Rev. Kev, thanks for all "you" do and keep speaking out. You are truly an inspiration. I first discovered you through this site and almost wept when I read your "Obamanation" essay. Thank you!

Last but not least, Rod and Rod 2.0, "you keep doing you" baby boy. You keep it real and are not afraid to call it like you see it! All of the other black blogs and black gay blogs are very "pro-Obama" but at least you include the good and the bad. And all the Obama-related LGBT news!

Carry on!


And this is what we really need to not lose sight of, in the midst of all the rev wright and "who said they did what" in bosnia garbage, that these two candidates at least talk the right game when it comes to GLBT issues, as opposed to the man on the other side.


When did this happen? This was on CNN, whoa.

I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter but there is no mistaking Barack Obama's sincerity and committment on LGBT issues. If Sen. Obama is our nominee, I will be as produ to cast my vote for him as I was to voite for Sen. Clinton.

Bill O

Amen, DFS.


TIO...BLESS YOU! Rod and I are both humbled to be able to be voices for people like us, whose lives affect us on the daily.

Thank you for pausing and posting to say you get it.

ROD...MOVED TO THE POST!? Man, you are the beast! I really respect, appreciate and elevate your site as such a source of serious insight!


that was a really nice post.. thanks

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