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28 March 2008


Derrick from Philly

BEAUTIFUL! In the last photo, they make me feel cannibalistic they're so delicious.

And they've got their pants pulled all the way up. Praise God!


oh i'm loving this....


Looks great! These guys are very sexy and sauve..

Just like to say that some of the blogs should take your actions regarding the postings on the Obama and Hilary posts!

Thank god! I'm no little boy but hey, people can be really offensive and it's not pleasant to even tap onto the post. So thank you.

Rod Mc

Thanks for the great comments, these were beautiful pictures, no?

Thanks, John. You and everyone else should feel free to speak your mind. The tone in some of the posts just became too ugly, I want everyone to feel welcome.


I am so happy that ADULT men are coming back to dressing like ADULT men....and those boys are hott no question...I love Kwame and Ibrahim the most


Amen, nahtans! Call me old fashioned but I love a brutha in a grown man, fitted suit. (I love a man in uniform, but that's another subject) instead of half nekkid all greased up like you usually see black men in fashion. That's why I loved the Sean John show in fashion week. I like us suave and sophisticated.


Amazing!! Hey Rod, would you happen to know by any chance what nationality (or background) Ibrahim Baaith is? I'm thinking East African (like moi)...But I could be wrong.

Andrew C

This is great, I love it!

Rod Mc

Hi Shabaka. Nice to see you're back in comments. I'll find out about Ibrahim, he's wonderful, no?


Thanks, Rod! Good to be back! Yeah he's delish!! Have a wonderful week end!

Boutique Mix

This is so fabulous!!! And they are soooooooo good to look at!!!

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