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26 March 2008



This isn't amusing. What this is is homophobic (and by extension, misogyny). What it illustrates is that being called a homosexual is the worst possible insult to so-called "real men."

I'm sad to see that this sort of hip-hop maintains its pathologically primitive and psychotic posture--and even sadder that we think it's "cute."

We need to stop being complicit in our own marginalization and death.


OK... I don't get it. Why is this now, national news? Who cares about any of those dudes?

Derrick from Philly

I don't know what to think. Y'all talk it over, and then maybe I'll come up with an opinion. The one on the far right (with the lips) is kinda' sexy though. Does he use anti-gay lyrics too? What does it matter? Trade is trade--in jail or out.


This is why when it comes to clowns like these "manly men," you fuck them and don't have relationships with them - all their brains landed between their legs. Idiots.

Rod Mc

Please read the new policy on comments. TIA!

Timothy R

Freeleo, maybe youy're new to this blog, but there is much more on this blog than "national news." Some of us enjoy the mix of politics, pop culture and LGBT news. But for what it's worth, there is a long history of gaybaiting associated with 50 Cent and his associates.


i'm a long time reader of this blog. it's my favorite blog. i guess my point is, why is this of interest? i'm being sincere. is this to be viewed as pay back for what 50 cent has said in his raps? is it ok that fat joe is doing this to them? i guess my thought was, why give this type of crap any more exposure? it doesn't benefit any of us. i'm sure many of you will disagree but in my opinion rap (and i can only speak about what gets played in the clubs or on the the radio. not the thought provoking stuff that they say is out there but no one has ever heard) has been extremely harmful to our community. most of it seems either sexist, homophobic or just embarrassing to me as a black man. once again, love the blog... please don't blacklist me... lol

Rod Mc

No one is blacklisting or banning anyone, feel free to speak out. Rob is right, the images are an extension of a homophobic and misogynist hip hop culture, but, it was at least partially created by 50 Cent's own homophobia and misogyny. It's ironic that a rapper who spends so much time gaybaiting its constantly accused of being gay.


I understand that it can be perceived as homophobic and all, but it might be that Fat Joe (or whoever he's working with) is turning 50's own homophobic posturing on himself. In that case, I find this perfectly acceptable.


I'm sorry. It's funny. I know they are homophobic morons, but it's funny. Plus we know given the chance they would get into a big huge free for all orgy. If it hasn't happened already.......


I think it is funny. 50 Cent has taunted so many of his competitors with homophobic insults, and when he went all metrosexual, the taunts came back at him. Plus, as Nova said, they are probably doing each other any way.

Mel Smith

I take offense because it makes who we are the butt of people jokes. No, I don't respect what Fat Joe did at all.


Even if this is Fat Joe's ironic way of turning the tables on 50's b-boy stance, it STILL uses homosexuality as the ultimate insult to manhood. It's impossible to separate the vicious homophobia and misogyny from the humor, so I don't try. I simply see it for what it is and denounce it.

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