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27 March 2008



ok.. i don't get this one either. you ask a 60 something year old black man, who use to have women only concerts, who never appeared to be anything more then a fantastic r&b singer about a gay following and expect any thing other then that type of answer? did the interviewer expect something more? everyone isn't as enlightened or aware or for that matter as conscience as the fantastic julian bond and a hand full of others. he was an r&b singer. i love his music. he'd have to say something really evil for that to stop. let's also keep in mind that talking about one's sexuality, what ever that may be is something still rather new. many men of his age of any orientation are really slow to talk about those things if they speak of sexuality at all.

Utica NY

"class is something he should learn and should have at his age, since, I'm sure he still enjoys the royalties of gay fans who might still be buying his

And that is the moral of this story.


spend 25 years in a wheel chair, having someone else to have to wash and clean, and feed you and see how cheery you are. some things aren't about us... and that's the moral of this story....

Taylor Siluwe

LOL @ freeleo

You got a point ...


leave My teddy alone...He didnt say he hated us... did he??..Teddy ." your my greatest inspiration!" Love TKO baby!

Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted

Just how does one write and present a play about a major R&B star who is now in a wheelchair as a result of an automobile accident involving a transsexual and NOT deal with it. How much more sensational can you get? In fact, to some Pendergrass is probably more known for that unfortunate event than he is for his glorious soulNsweat-drenched music. I understand his life is about MORE than THAT, but 'cha aRR in that wheelchair, Blanche ! !


It's always interesting when we ask artists about us as a culture or community.

Teddy gave a seriously hot answer to me, very much like Romeo's statement about whether hip-hop artists would give back the money they have earned from gay fans.

Teddy said it so well--I DON'T KEEP A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO BUY MY MUSIC. THAT'S NOT MY JOB....the truth being "MY JOB IS TO SING TO THE FANS WHO SUPPORT ME AND WHO SHOW ME LOVE!" The love and support is inferred and apparent. "I DON'T CARE!"

That's the kind of support I want from my artists, especially from the King of Ladies' Night.



I don't mind that answer so much. And like one of the other guys said here, we really shouldn't have expected much different. I like Teddy. But we all kind of grew up on him so that's to be expected. I've always thought he was lying about not knowing that was a trannie, but hey, to each his own. Still love the music.

Derrick from Philly

I always try to say something postive on Rod's Blog. I can deal with the wrath of white "children", but I've always been kinda' leary of taking on other black "children".

Teddy's statement is disappointing, "I don't keep a running list of who listens..." His response to that very well thought out & respectful question showed a hostility toward black gay people. And isn't this attitude typical of the nastiness we heard from the "DL" spokesmen back when "down low" was a big media celebration. The "down low" guys showed an absolute contempt for the idea of a "gay sub-culture" with its "gay agenda". They espoused the idea that black men should enjoy each other sexually and maybe even emotionally DISCREETLY (whatever that means); but, "don't be part of the white boy's invention: the gay lifestyle." Such bullshit. Obviously, Teddy adheres to this "down low" principle. Actually, a lot of former black gays seem to have accepted this "doctrine" of separation from the "gay world" (or what's left of it).

Mr Pendergrass's sexuality was a matter of discussion among Philly's black gays as far back as the early 70s. I thought it was the usual queen's claim that "everybody's gay!" crap, but those Philadelphia "children" were vehement about their knowledge of Teddy's private life.

I was never crazy about him--just his voice. I guess I knew back then (before I knew anything about the "down low" culture): the only thing that "DL" guys and I have in common is skin color...oh, and that we also end up in the same position...in life (pun intended). Also, we both like "Trade"; that's why we end up in the same "position"...heeheehee.

What makes it kind of ironic is that the straight black folks kinda' turned on Teddy after the accident--atleast as far as gossip and mean-spirited jokes...well, maybe I'm exaggerating. But the black "children" were very supportive...as far as I can remember.

Teddy Pendergrass' attitude toward black gay people is typical of guys who always did it on the "down low". Of course, I may be an example of a black queen brainwashed by the media's presentation of the black "down low". My DL cousin once told me, "we don't hate queens, we just don't to be around y'all." Of course, y'all know my answer, "Feelin's mutual, MISS THAING."


@ Derrick

That's interesting because I have a few friends who are Philly natives, and they said that folks were saying at the time that NOBODY in Philly was all that shocked a trannie was in his ride. (And wasn't it reported that he was getting some head when the car crashed too?) They say it's fairly common knowledge that at least at some point in his life, he had dealings with the same sex. Who knows ... it's really anybody's guess. I wouldn't be surprised though. With the number of "straight" brothers I've had hit on me (and been with back in my young and dumb late teens and early 20s) I don't put anything past any man.

I am just amazed at how black people turn a blind eye to shit like this. Like Eddie with the trannie ... it's like it never happened. Or the fact that black women used to cream their panties over Luther and Freddie Jackson - and they are gay as picnic baskets at Sunday gatherings. I just don't get it. Why are we as a people so unwilling to accept fact? I just don't get us sometimes. Then we wonder why we have the issues that we do.

But, nonetheless, I love Teddy's music. And if you see his Live in 79 DVD you may start to think he won't gay, cause the child couldn't dance to save his life. No rhythm! LOL

Rod Mc

Hey all.

Wow, thanks for the great discussion. Please feel free to agree or disagree with whatever is said here, and don't feel obligated to agree with me, but, my comments the other day were only in reference to some recent unpleasantness.

Corey, you make some good points, but, my impression was that the circumstances to the accident were not widely publicized at the time. It seemed that in that pre-internet, pre-TMZ culture, nmany more things went under the radar.

Derrick and Me, I've never heard those rumors. I need to get out more. ;)


Hmm. As a gay man that has done interviews with entertainers before, I've never been compelled to ask them how they feel about a "gay following" or anything like that. No diss to the journo, but I've noticed that it's a trend among some of my gay colleagues. And when the response isn't overwhelmingly positive or 150% accepting, it suddenly becomes the pullquote of the article.

Am I the only one that's noticed this?


No you aren't. I think that was the problem I had with the question. It almost implies that if you aren't for the gays you are against them and it's a little more complexed then that for a lot of people. I think that could be what the right is talking about when they refer to "the gay agenda." lol.. i'm sorry. that phrase cracks me up.


I agree with Nova and freeleo. As long as he doesn't say "I hate fags" like Eddie and a number of black celebs have said, leave him alone. And Rod is right, we live in a different era, back then we didn't have as much media as now and celebs could live their secret lives in peace. And there are many, MANY old school black celebrities that play on our team that you would be suprised. I remember my uncle telling me about another superstar "love man" hit on him at a party in the 70's.......

Andrew C

Do tell Dluv!


For the record, when Teddy's accident happened, the matter of his passenger was addressed in of all places, JET Magazine. I remember it. This fact was communicated to the far reaches of Black America.


Wasn't he part of an "underground" group of Black celebs with similar "interests" in the late 70s and early 80s before the outbreak of AIDS forced them further into the closet... like Roberta Flack, Patti Labelle, Al Green, Patti Austin, Al Jarreau, et al? I heard this from an old queen.

Mikiah Rhames

What bothers me is the fact that alot of gay people focus to much on sexuality, As if its 100% of who they are. Sexuality is only a part of who a person is, And who people sleep with should be kept in the bed room. Alot of male r&b singers have that gay rumour put on them before they have even had a chance to say if they are or not. people assume when they don't know the truth, which means GET A LIFE.

Mickey P.

Gotta say guys, I never knew a damn thing about the circumstances surrounding TP's accident. I came across this discussion because I just heard about "...the strange goings on..."

Fair enough, I hear what's being said and some I get and some is a bit fuzzy but from a reasonable hetero male point of view...

"What difference does it make what sexual orientation your fans are?"

"Why is it relevant whether TP acknowledges his "friend" as 'a ride' or a ride?

BTW, I have been in a situation where a work colleague picked up what he believed to be a female prostitute only to find that she was fully armed. He was chased by a large black dude wielding a baseball bat because he 'reneged on the deal'.

I'm monogamous and I've never used a prostitute but I think if I found myself in a similar situation, where my target had been 'female' in my eyes and hadn't deliberately misled me, I'd just roll with a BJ. If she was good enough to fool me that close up, she's good enough.

Personally, I make friends with people for who they are, not what they are. Just for the hell of it, let's say I found myself in a situation like...

I have a tranny that I get matey with, she's a good laugh and I enjoy her company. I offer her a lift home and we crash....

I'm now in a wheelchair, dead from the waist down for life and labeled a pervert that's into he/she sex. Hardly seems fair or accurate?

BTW, I love the TP classics, awesome voice and great music to make love too along with Luther & Freddie... Holy Cow, I didn't know about them either!!! ;-D

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