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18 March 2008


Derrick from Philly

Quite a speech y'all. I haven't seen or heard his deliverey, but it reads well. I think SlimJim may have hit a homerun...well, to any thinking, un-hooded white person.


Yeah I think he might have fucked up by saying he's never heard such things ... we all know that's a lie. I'm kind of scratching me head at this one. I have to say I'm surprised it's spun this out of control. All we can do is wait and see I guess ...


I think Obama's going to have one helluva climb out of this debacle.

I mean, Ferraro was bad...but, somehow, Hillary managed to deal with that...somewhat.

But this...since he didnt out and out publicly deny and disavow his relationship with Wright, he wasn't able to show the "swing state" democrats that he wasn't associated with this pastor.

We all know that Democrats in the swing states determine the general election...Obama is going to have to do A LOT to prove that he is a worthy candidate knowing that he, in the eyes of many blue collar white democrats {and I would suspect many working class black democrats), is basically in cahoots with this bigoted and hate mongering man.

This will be a fun PR debacle to clean up. I wonder how the Obama camp will spin it.....and this speech didn't really do the job either.


I am very disappointed. He lied when he said he was never in the pews when he heard that racist anti-american language. He just said today he was there and he disapproved of it. Why wait until today to disapprove of those comments? What I have said for a long time is finally coming out in the open. Obama CLAIMS he will be different in Washington but he is exactly the same as McCain and Clinton. The only thing that separates him from those two is that Obama is trying to lie to our faces and think we will believe anything he says. I'm not convinced this is behind him, he still has to answer more questions about Rev. Wright and Rezko.

Derrick from Philly

Obama doesn't have to answer anymore questions about Reverend Wright. Any Black American should be able to answer questions about Reverend Wright's sermons--just keep a history book about slavery, lynchings, reign of terror following Reconstruction--keep it handy at your side. Barack doesn't need to answer that part anymore.


Dwayne, it has been proven that Obama wasn't in church the day that Wright spoke about the events of September 11th. Obama said that he has heard Wright say controversial things before.

It was a great speech. Sadly, people, regardless of their race, won't listen to or understand what he was saying.

Andrew C

That was a very moving and poignant speech. It's unfortunate that many people do not understand the African American church tradition and Wright's sermons will be reduced to soundbites.

It's also unfortunate that Obama's speech will be reduced to soundbites.



Please do me and your readers a favor and finally openly admit your bias against Obama, or your clear devotion to Hilary Clinton. You claim to be neutral, but after reading your post about his speech, and reading several other commentaries from other writers about this speech, it is clear you're way off the mark on this one. The clever cloaking of your anti-Obama bias is becoming tiresome and no longer so clever.

Timothy RN

The speech was very moving and very much needed. I'm not sure what the future holds. The constant video clips and news coverage only damage Obama's "brand" and solidfy voters against him.

Clarence T

>>>"You claim to be neutral, but after reading your post about his speech, and reading several other commentaries from other writers about this speech, it is clear you're way off the mark on this one."<<<

Here we go again. This is a blog. Rod never claimed to be neutral and he does not have to be. But if the "commentaries from other writers" say that when Obama spoke, the "sky opened and the light came down", well, it's clear you're reading Obama kool-aid drinkers.

Unless you're saying that Obama HAS been supported by the majority of working class, white voters or the majority of white voters period? THAT would be news.



dont even go there. rod has been the most objective of all the bloggers covering obama and has been for the past two years and more...

IF you had been following his coverage of obama when he started a couple years ago (or was it a year?), rod was the only objective and sane voice among those who were accusing obama of not being black enough and questioning his resolve to become the next president and run this country.

now that obama is not considered the "exotic saviour" for white and black liberals alike, because rod isn't singing his praises and is instead giving balanced and thoughtful critiques of his campaign--things that ALL People should be doing for BOTH candidates--he all of a sudden is showing obama bias at his site?

so, he should be bashing clinton? and what's wrong with rod being a clinton supporter and still critiquing obamas AND hil's campaign...

i think you are off base and dont have enough knowledge to make the comments you are making in your post. check the archives and come back later...ok?

Rod McCullom

Nuneuro: This is a personal blog, not the AP or NY Times. I never claimed to be "neutral." It's obvious that I like both candidates but lean toward Clinton. That doesn't mean she cannot be criticized or that Obama cannot be praised, and, both are done here regularly.

But surely, you're not traveling across the blogosphere and demanding pro-Clinton posts from Andrew Sullivan, Daily Kos, AmericaBlog, Huffington Post, Jasmyne Cannick, etc.?

Derrick Foss

It's funny you should mention that. Today and yesterday, CNN, MSNBC and the FOX are reporting the big drama at Daily Kos and the Huffington Post, how pro-Clinton writers and commenters are being banned and deleted from those blogs. The vast majority of the blogosphere is BIASED toward OBAMA and no one ever complaints. There are few political blogs, and certainly few black ones, that will even try to give Clinton a fair shake. The voters are far more open-minded than bloggers.

Someone else on this blog has made jokes about it before, but these criticisms of bias are probably often coming from other blacks. "Unbiased", at least in the black blogosphere, means lots and lots of praise for Barack Obama. "Biased" means any criticism. It seems unfair that people try to hold Rod to one standard and are perfectly happy when Jasmyne Cannick, Keith Boykin, Americablog, Sullivan etc slam Cinton day after day, even when she doesnt deserve it, and praise Obama to the high heavens. Why hold everyone else to a new standard?


that's simple Derrick:

Rod is objective and isn't clearly taking a side.

its easy for people to follow the status quo and praise those who praise what's popular or who's trendy right now...

I've checked out the blogs you named and i'm very disappointed. not enough objective viewpoints to go around and most of the obama supporters dont give thorough reasons or articles as to why they have chosen obama as the person to vote for, other than the fact that he's a) Black b) not a Clinton and c) making history.

Rod's site has always been fair and balanced in his coverage.

Also, I consider Rod to be very progressive and forward thinking in his coverage. Keith Boykin (c'mon, a carbon copy of Huffington Post? are you serious?), Jasmyne, Sullivan, etc. not so much.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, I think those of us who post here are looking for a site that give all viewpoints on a subject, not just one. Rod does that..and he does it very well.

And..I guess im pretty biased: He's a good friend of mine. :)

Tracy M

Don't give Nunero too much grief. I think some people (wrongly) assume the top black gay blog should be more of an Obamallama. Personally, I'm an Obamallama but like the diversity.

But what Ryan says is totally true. In 2006, Rod said Obama would run for president, and in 2007 he said it would come down to Obama and Hillary. Most blacks bloggers didn't even care until Obama won Iowa and many readers consistently said Obama could never do it, and, only started supporting Obama in the past two months. For what it's worth.

Moving along ... I loved the speech! It was moving, thoughtful and very genuine. I especially liked the analogy about his white grandmother who sometimes made racial stereotypes. That must have hurt to hear, just like it must hurt to sometimes hear Rev. Wright's rhetoric. There is so much pain and division in our community, in our society. We need to move beyond that.


I loved the speech.

It was well-rounded and clear. It was poignant and purposeful.

Sadly, we are so mired in race and the ignorance of and our ignorance to it that the main reason that a biracial man can't win in this country is because he can handle both sides of the conversation.

If Senator Obama had rejected and completely abandoned his former pastor, the entirety of Black America would have come down on him with...forgive the pun...the wrath of God.

What's so sad and teetering on racism indeed is that the "Black" candidate is being scrutinized for his PASTOR's WORDS, but MCCAIN and his affiliation with his pastor and another "spiritual advisor" Rev. Rod Parsley, who has said strong things against Israel, Gays and Lesbians, the war, women, et al., remains barely touched.

Rod and I have had many conversations about the Senators and while we don't agree on many topics, I so completely respect and agree his ability to poignantly and passionately engage with me in the conversation without brow-beating me or taking my passion as condemnation.

At the end of the day, I am almost tearful to see US (BLACK GAY MEN!!!!!) be THIS involvement in a REAL DISCOURSE about race, politics and the State of America.

I pray that all of this passion about the Democratic nomination isn't just the convenience of online chatterwalling and that people are activating and really involved.

I am a supporter of Senator Barack Obama.

That's my choice.

I am a Democrat.

That's my party.

I am not going to get so muddied in this conversation that if things don't turn out the way I'd like, I can't just say YOU FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT and turn to the winner and extend my hand, my vote and my confidence.


I am Elder Kevin E. Taylor, Pastor of Unity Fellowship Church New Brunswick, NJ and I approve this message!

West Side Poz

Seriously, now, we all recognize this nation, this society and this Democratic Party is in need of healing. Hopefully Sen. Obamacan become PRESIDENT OBAMA and take us down that road.

Now, I'm an Obama supporter, but will vote for the Democrat. Brother "Nunero", I read and re-read Rod's post and the one from yesterday and I don't recall any mention of Clinton in either post. I am pained by his post last week that correctly anticipated the "dominant narrative" coming out of Mississippi would be race. We have talked about it every day since then.

I'm a regular reader at this blog and can appreciate an argument "for Barack" that is not "anti-Hillary." And, I appreciate the arguments "for Hillary" that are not "anti-Barack." Rev. Wright was and is a Barack Obama problem. And yes, it is a problem if there are front page articles from January and February 2007 anticipating the firestorm and there have been video clips on cable news for many months.

Obama should NOT have thrown his reverend under the bus. And he didn't. But you just can't say
"case closed" after one speech. It's going to take some time to see what the affect will be.

atl kid


You better preach on, reverend!!!
Obama-RevKev 08!!



Thank you for admitting you lean towards Clinton. That's all I was asking for. As to your readers comments, I have been a fan of this site for quite some time, and well aware of your previous posts on political figures. I am also well aware that this is not the NYT of WP, but I also don't see why I should be vilified for asking for clarification. I'm sorry, but I clearly see bias in your pieces on Obama lately. Is there anything wrong with that? No. Is there anything wrong with pointing that out? There shouldn't be. I guess shame on me for calling you into question, and wanting to better understand what makes you take one position or the other in your writings.



the problem is that you're taking rod to task for being a clinton supporter, when its his personal right to do so.

My issue with you is the fact that you are going after him because he's a clinton supporter.

you dont think it's bias when people come here and attack those who dont support obama here or any site? what about people whose pro clinton comments are banned at other sites? that's not bias?

I'm just trying to find the logic in your issue with Rod and i think you do understand re-read your original comment.

at the end of the day, people should be allowed to choose who they want to support for presidency and should not be criticized or bashed because they dont support the popular choice. some people actually take the time to look at a candidate and see how their platforms work FOR THEM..not everyone else.

Rod McCullom

Nuneuro, there's no problem, I enjoy the conversation and don't mind at all if someone disagrees.

Just as an aside, which other blogs or writers were you referring to? And, as several others suggested, do you not see a huge pro-Obama "bias" across the blogosphere and MSM?

Greg G

At the end of the day, I am almost tearful to see US (BLACK GAY MEN!!!!!) be THIS involvement in a REAL DISCOURSE about race, politics and the State of America.

I pray that all of this passion about the Democratic nomination isn't just the convenience of online chatterwalling and that people are activating and really involved.

RevKev, I loooove to read your writing and comemnts. It's like church. We all need some healing. Preach on, reverebnd, preach on!


What I most appreciate about Obama's speech is his truthful clarity and his refusal to let either blacks or whites off the hook in regard to the state of racial politics. He realizes, as any intelligent person does, that the race problem in America is a complex one in which both parties have fault and responsibility. And he recognizes that it is a problem that will require participation from both in order to be resolved.

It was hard for me not to feel that I was witnessing some great and memorable event in American history while reading and watching Obama give this speech. It marked a shift in the American consciousness and a huge, veracious step in the right direction.

He reinforced for me why he should lead this country. He's simply brilliant, honest, awe-inspiring, thoughtful, and clear-headed. I think that's precisely what we need, now more than ever.

Ken Russ

Bobby, that was very beautiful. Here, here.



I was referring to the Huffington Post primarily, but also articles from MSNBC, Chicago Tribune, and NYT. I agree that there is also a pro-Obama bias on many blogs and in the mainstream media.

I am not taking you to task for being a Clinton supporter; that is your choice and none of my business. I do support Obama.

The point I was trying to make (although not so eloquently) is that it helps me to appreciate an article more if I understand what the writer is bringing to his piece. For example, I know that you are a black, gay, male. So when I read your posts it helps me to understand why, or why not, you take a certain position, because those parts of you influence your views. It affords me an understanding of where the author is coming from, and gives me insight into his thought process. That's all.

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