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18 March 2008




Bravo to you again, especially for getting in front of this affront.

While many may have issues and misgivings about Rev. Dr. Wright and his connections to the Presidential Candidate from Chicago, PLEASE don't confuse or congest that conversation with one of homophobia, people!

He lauded an openly Black gay man in a sermon in recent weeks and elevated his usefulness by God to teach BLACK STRAIGHT FATHERS how to be BETTER PARENTS to their daughters, while he was teaching them a dance for Father's Day for "DANCE WITH MY FATHER" that was a very moving tribute at the church recently, after the man's untimely death.

Further, Rev. Dr. Wright's sermon "GOOD NEWS FOR HOMOSEXUALS" in a book called "GOOD NEWS" is a triumphant source for the LGBT community, especially those who are often conflicted by church and chatter. He's a strong advocate for unconditional love and Dr. Wright has never wandered or wavered on that subject.

Elder Kevin E. Taylor
Unity Fellowship Church New Brunswick

Mel Smith

Preach BROTHA ROD, PREACH!!! Thanks for that information, Elder Taylor.

Mel Smith

Also, I think it is SO dangerous that they are calling Rev. Wright a person of hate. The media and society is so terrible. The brother is simply upset with the injustices that we black people face. Rev. Wright is also against gay prejudice. He's upset. That's why Rev. Wright makes the statements that he makes. That's what you call being upset against injustices type talk. I lash out against my own heterosexual family members because of the priviliged they have.


Yes, Rev Kev always offers some great analysis. I would love to see him have his own show. And thanks Rod for pointing this out, I had no idea. You can take Obama to task when needed and then praise him or his church, I appreciate that.

Brewer Young

Rev Kev, how do you feel about this? It does seem like Rev. Wright and Obama are being held to a different standard.


All of the good Rev Wright does is not being spoken about which is a shame. Anyone who lives or knows someone in Chicago knows the good deeds that Trinty does in the community. This attack on him is coming straight from the republican party and their mouthpieces examples being Shawn Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Like a previous poster mentioned Rev. Wright is only speaking on the injustices against blacks in this country. He also talks about the wrongs WE do to ourselves as African Americans.


So many people are dealing with Rev. Dr. Wright like he is any kind of hatemonger, when he is anything but that.

I am so sickened by people using "racist" to describe this brilliant orator and minister, when what he is is a voice for angry men and women who isn't afraid to speak. He's a powerful presence in the community and in the UCC denomination. He's an advocate of the highest order-- ordaining, supporting, uplifting, encouraging members of our LGBT communities.

Dr. Wright and Senator Obama and their relationship is being held to a standard that is not being examined by any other politician/spiritual advisor. McCain would be skewered for the things that Hagee and Parsley have preached. I haven't even heard of Senator Clinton fully affiliated with a pastor, yet that hasn't been emphasized.

It reeked of a bit of racism, especially given the insensitivity of mainstream perception of the Black Church and the African-American affilitation and connection. WE WHO GO TO CHURCH GO TO CHURCH WHOLEHEARTEDLY. This is for too important a relationship for us to so readily dialogue about a man and a woman leaving their church because of fire and fervor. Most Black churches in the African-American tradition might have had a Sunday or two and a sermon or two that might not make it past the scrutiny of 10 second intervals and repetition.

But again, at the end of the day, where are Senator Clinton and her pastor and Senator McCain and his?
What's next? Scrutiny of friends and whether or not others have shoplifted from stores where they shopped and such?! THIS IS A MESS!

The inate tone of dealing so ferverently, furiously and ferociously with the Black man and his preacher stings and stinks of a stench that almost feels like "WE FOUND THE SPOT AND WE ARE GOING TO KEEP SHOOTING AT IT!"

In the end, Dr. Wright is a masterful orator and powerful supporter of our community. If I have to, I will travel to Chicago to stand by his side!

Andy Niable

Thanks for setting the record, er, straight. :)

The enemies of equal rights are never afraid to lie, because it's the truth that sets us all free.


Bigups Rod,

Rev. Wright regular preaches against bigotry against our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. In and out of season.


I'm amazed at how this has spun out of control. You Tube really is the devil.

I remember hearing people say a while back that Barack was a member of an anti-gay church, but I was kind of like um, that's not what I've read elsewhere, LOL ... I think people automatically see preacher and think anti-gay. I can admit that I have been guilty of that where church officials are concerned. It's not right, but given the track record most black megachurches have on the issue I'm not so sure I blame folks for being leery of them. Still, those folks should be checking stuff out before posting blogs as fact. Gotta love the Web.

I wonder how much damage, if any, this has done for him in the long term. I'm afraid it's fanning the flames of suspicion a lot of white folks have about him and his background where religion is concerned. I can't believe the amount of people who are buying into these emails circulating that say he's a Muslim, blah blah blah ... I'm like didn't you learn you can't believe everything in emails? It's unreal ...


Do people know this? There is a huge discussion going around Obama's allegedly homophobic pastor.

Brad W

Hi, I just heard you on Signorile discussing Obama, Rev. Wright and black gay men. Thanks for speaking out on this! Rev. Wright has done much good, I'm sorry he's being demonized by all this!

Homo N Harlem

To the issue here is the cover up. Wright is free to say whatever he wants. Obama knew his views would be a political liability because the are so radically different from the main stream, so he tried to cover it up. That is why he disinvited Wright from his announcement. He says he's about hope and change. He hopes we won't find out who he is before he gets a chance to change jobs.The telling comment was when he was willing to throw his old granny under the bus to further his political career.The lack of character there was enough to turn me off permanently.

Derrick from Philly

HOMO N HARLEM, who, more than gay people should know about relatives who say bigoted, hateful remarks that stay with us forever. Barack wasn't disrespectful to his grand-mother; racist, peckerwood, crackas like Gingrich were disrespectful to his grandmother for having a cute little black grandbaby.

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