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10 March 2008



My question is, why didn't that celebrity filled anti-hate message (Ashanti, Janet, et al.) now making the rounds on You Tube include Rashawn and Simmie?!!!!!


This is the first I've heard on speculation that Simmie was turning tricks. Rod, where did that info come from? Is it speculation on your part, from within the general reportage, or part of the police investigation's scenario?

Rod McCullom

Ben, are you a new reader? This has been a prominent topic of discussion in all of the news articles and the comments on this blog. The intersection where Williams was killed was a popular location for transvestite prostitutes.

From The Sun-Sentinel:
"Broadus worked as a prostitute along a portion of Sistrunk favored by cross-dressing prostitutes and their customers, and Williams may have been doing the same, police said."

365 Gay/AP:
"The body of Simmie Williams Junior was found in a pool of blood Friday in an area frequented by transsexual prostitutes. Williams was declared dead at hospital.

Police said that Williams was wearing female clothing and may have been working as a prostitute. She also was known to go by the names Chris and Beyoncé."

If you read this blog, hopefully you realize my goal is to be fair. Fear and shame are big issues in our community, and, we cannot solve our problems if we are not honest with ourselves.

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